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Karma and the Ties that are Released; Pt. 2

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  • Lyra
    Aloha Friends, And so the adventure continued. The beginning of Monday, JP was not doing well and was going to stay home to work on his parents computer with
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2005
      Aloha Friends,

      And so the adventure continued. The beginning of Monday, JP was not
      doing well and was going to stay home to work on his parents' computer
      with his step-father. His mom took Quinn and me to the Zoo. We were
      only there for two hours and all of the animals were asleep, pretty
      much. The weather wasn't great and she didn't want to stay all that
      long. During the time we were at the Zoo, JP called and asked for
      help from his mom. His step-dad had yelled at him. She didn't want
      anything to do with it. Later I found out that, even after three
      times of telling him that JP was going to work on the computer, he
      still didn't get the idea.

      We got home and took a break. JP was sleeping, and the computer was
      off. An hour or so later his mom came down and woke him up. I told
      her that he was hurting and out of medication. That he needed to go
      to the hospital. She came back down and started pushing JP to get up
      and make her computer work. She claimed that she couldn't get on and
      it had to be something that he did. Painfully, he got up and told her
      that if she turned it on that she could use it. After that things
      began to escalate in tension. She pushed him to fix the computer
      there and then, and so what if he hurt.

      At this point I interjected; "You have no Compassion for JP's
      condition." She got up in my face, "I have plenty of compassion but
      this is beyond the limits of that!" JP came over and intervened. She
      drew back her hand. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," JP said. She
      slapped him anyway. He slapped her back and then went to the phone to
      call the police.

      While he was on the phone she came over to me and started slapping me
      left and right. I weigh less than half of what she does and so you
      can imagine what that might look like. She was slap happy. After
      four or so slaps JP finally was able to intervene, in his painful
      condition, and slapped her back a few times. When it was all over she
      was seeing stars, my nose was bleeding, the police were there and we
      were packing our stuff.

      We had planned to stay with his half brother for a few days until our
      flight home. His mother convinced him that JP was insane and that she
      had only hit in defense. He wouldn't even listen to our side of the
      story. Luckily, our friend opened his house to us.

      This experience was not what we had wanted but it was what was needed
      for JP to let go of his anger and ties to the destructive behavior of
      his mother. The baggage came to the surface and whatever may have
      been unknown is now known. The alcohol may not be present but the
      behavior patter is still there and we do not need to allow it into our

      This experience reminded me a little of my own mother and I am glad
      that I was able to release those ties without being physically in
      contact with her. I already knew who she is and what her patterns
      are. There is no place for them here and when I let go and Forgave
      her without the need to have reciprocal actions I was freed to be who
      I am.

      Sometimes the ties that are the most important in life are not those
      of your blood relatives, but more those of your kindred spirit
      relatives. After all, we are all really brothers and sisters to each
      other. We don't have to get along with all of them. This is just a
      reminder that not everyone is on the same spiritual level. Those who
      are, are always around to help us when we fall down.

      Our friend mentioned a book called "The Dow of Karate". I think that
      is what it is called. The way that he explained it is that JP made
      his move based on the move made by his mother. She painfully rejected
      him and us and so we left. He is absolved of any further karmic debt.
      He has no more ties to that way of life. The pain is still there but
      he will heal in time. This was important, although painful, and I
      pray that it will help him in his own growth.

      There is much other things for us to think about. The reality there
      in Ill is completely different from VT. For me, it was like The
      Twilight Zone. There were no visible health food stores and no
      visible recycling going on there. For as much of the land that is
      farm land, the people don't know about stewardship of the land. They
      use pesticides and are constantly dumping trash and burying it.

      Isn't it ironic that the pastor talks about stewardship as something
      that God bestowed upon us, but when he is talking about it he is
      talking about things and not the planet? I think there needs to be an
      appeal to people on this level, so that they get the idea of what the
      bible was really talking about and don't try to conform it to the life
      of luxury and possessions that people hold so dearly too today.

      I came away from this experience with a resolve to do my part to bring
      about awareness to everyone I meet. I look forward to many
      discussions on the efforts that we can all take part in to make the
      world a better place.

      Peace, Love and Light.
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