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[ECETI News] What’s up on the Planet?

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  • Karen Eck
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2005
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      >Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 15:42:47 -0000
      >Subject: [ECETI News] What's up on the Planet?
      >There are lots of changes occurring on every level. The energy
      >shifts are incredible. The sun is continuing to expand blasting CMEs
      >and solar flares. The Earth is reacting with erratic weather,
      >earthquake and volcanic activity. Japan is on tsunami alert due to
      >recent 7.2 and the bioelectric fields surrounding our bodies are
      >feeling the shifts. It is process time with a lot of mood swings,
      >emotional outbursts and extreme tiredness. Remember the Stanford
      >research where monkeys were exposed to fluctuations in the magnetic
      >fields and exhibited behavior from comatose to self mutilation?
      >Every time a solar flare or CME, coronal mass ejection hits the
      >Earth the fields fluctuate. The UFO activity has increased
      >exponentially around the world as predicted. It will continue to
      >escalate and those who want to see one can spend some time outdoors
      >at night watching the night sky.
      >Remember the Earth shadow, when the sun goes down everything in the
      >East is self illuminated. Satellites only reflect sunlight and are
      >in the Earth/s shadow. Late at night everything overhead that is
      >illuminated and moving is also not a satellite. We track some of
      >these objects crossing the entire horizon in a minute. This is
      >approximately 720,000 miles an hour. Fastest satellite is around
      >18,000. It is good to know what you are looking at and what fits
      >into known objects and unknown. The UFO activity on the mountain
      >has been unsurpassed with nightly displays the reports from recent
      >guests will soon follow. We call them IFOs because we already
      >identified many of them. I find it interesting how many people get
      >press and speak at conferences who do not know who they are, why
      >they are here and the big picture. It is all kept as a UFO, dark or
      >ominous with very few telling the real story. Then there are the
      >disinformation people and the overactive imaginations mixed into the
      >lot. Fear and suspense seems to be the prime directive which may
      >very well be the reason there is a prime directive not to make
      >contact or interfere. This is being lifted and as destiny demands
      >contact is just around the corner. In fact it has already happened
      >in a lot of places yet there are those within certain agencies that
      >are seeing to it no one knows about it. After all contact with a
      >benevolent spiritually and technologically advanced race of beings
      >would mean the end of disease, fueless energy and the end to war. It
      >is really bad business for evolved souls to walk among us.
      >On a different note we are very close to finishing the conference
      >building where the uncensored truth will come forward. The real
      >physics, healing technologies along with the truth about the origin
      >of man and a more unlimited understanding of our interdimensional
      >selves will be offered. If anyone has a mixer and amp laying around
      >for the sound system we sure could use it. Also we are in great
      >appreciation for funds future and past donated to help the cause.
      >Pass it on. Be well James Gilliland www.eceti.org
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