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964Novicegod BREAK OUT So what have we learned?

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  • pudintang ask me again and ill tell you
    Mar 5, 2005
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      Novicegod BREAK OUT So what have we learned?
      What good is life if you cannot enjoy it?
      You cannot enjoy life when it is a hopeless and hostile fight? That
      is the reason and importance for government LEADERSHIP, the
      education, search for, and election (empowerment) of the wisest
      humans to shape a progressive world from its resources into a more
      suitable environment for each human to be born into.

      Where did it all begin...What does it matter?
      Whether or not humans came from Divine creation, ape, or amoeba.
      Whether or not there are many gods, one God, or No God at all.
      The Great endless pathetic debates of Human kind severely slows human
      progress and understanding, there is one thing that has yet to be
      disproved, that knowledge is power and there is nothing that is not
      impossible or unable with the knowledge to do it.

      All the greatest debates should be left to proven experts of their
      time. And there should be a posted and updated place for citizens to
      access it. Of course, their should also be a place to submit
      theories, unproven ideas, even bias information (which the internet
      is flooded with). Instead, everyone should put their focus on
      improving their chosen social profession, life goals, and hobbies.
      Obsession with Sports, entertainment, money and debate (not
      education) like food leads to over weight and unprofessional citizens
      that become a massive weak link in the progress of society.

      Why must so called smart people bump heads when some one even
      smarter exist or existed leaving better research in their wake or
      time. There is the young person trying to become smart, there is the
      older person who has had more time on the earth to do more research
      and become more experienced, maybe even write a simple book or two,
      then there is the privileged smart person that works in government or
      a cooperation that has the help from their own staff of researchers
      that report to them and lots and lots of MONEY! Were talking
      I get all kinds of feed back from people in cyberspace some
      thoughtful, informative, and humbling, but often it is rude know
      it alls that are quick to find faults in what I post and say
      something abusive without telling me their side or giving me better
      information. They don't even know how low they are on the totem pole
      or in the grand scheme of things the just vent as we occasionally do
      its forgivable like water off a ducks ass. Some times I post things
      intentionally wrong or sloppy because I don't want others to know the
      extent of my mentality and resources, IQ don't make me laugh, there
      is technical talk that is too weird and complex for many to
      understand I would be quickly ostracized if I spoke and typed that
      way. I be a social misfit misunderstood pretending to be normal so I
      try to make my own place to fit.

      All problems are caused by a lack of intelligence and social
      support to prevent misfortune.
      Humans trapped on a planet a limited area of space can form societies
      all humans cooperating for a better humanity or families and
      cultures that war until their own views and blood line authority
      rules the planet, if the planet is not destroyed in the process.

      With wide spread education there is peace and progress. With
      wide spread ignorance there is war and destruction. "Humans are
      either learning to be constructive or destructive". From this
      understanding it is easy to see what humans are doing to themselves
      on one planet in a sea of limitless space and planets, as their
      system of education breaks down in favor of tribal ways primitive
      humans cling to. Both education(intelligence) and ignorance is
      contagious. Humans collectively are ruining themselves, their
      society, and their planet by giving into the evil of depression and
      ignorance seeking self destruction verses the boring or painful days
      they perceive ahead.

      Without their own wisdom or leaders to lead them to better ways
      humans chose a self destructive path that takes others down with
      them. Such is the way of human ignorance. History shamefully repeats
      itself again and again. There is nothing new just those who didn't
      know. All manner of knowledge and imagination is out there. Its
      just a matter of how much time and resources each person has to make
      any use of it, bring it into the material world.

      Leaders train others to be leaders so if one leader dies there will
      be plenty of other citizens left who know how to lead when they may
      be called upon to do so.
      Dictators and enslavers would have you never know how to lead and
      forever be their sheep.
      "An army of sheep lead by a lion would defeat an army of lions lead
      by a sheep" (old proverb).

      We know of yesterdays legends and heros who followed the call to
      greatness, but where are the heros of today, those who will respond
      to greatness Call. IT CALLS TO ALL OF US! Many just ignore it, or
      life has become to demanding that they hope others will do it for
      us. Don't just sit their with a stupid look on your face, find out
      what you can do. Shake the rusty cage of ignorant, boring, and
      oppressed existence. Thank you for reading..