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815Newbie here....

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  • Kathleen
    Apr 5, 2003
      Hello everyone !

      My name is Kathy, I have an Indigo son age 5 & and a unusually
      advanced daughter age 16 moths. They will need appropriate school
      programs to help them with whatever their missions are. Not sure
      yet, but I do know they are old souls & they have come with
      knowledge that amazes me ! Sometimes scares me. (spooky scary, not

      Jimmy was diagnosed with ADHD by two docs. I disagree & so does his
      new preschool. He's been tested & is two yrs. ahead of his age group
      educationally. He can't sit still much. Doesn't eat much because he
      says he is busy all the time.

      Cara is very calm & observant, large & physically advanced for her
      age & is speaking in sentences at 16 months. Highly intelligent.

      I just wanted to introduce myself & if it's ok, I put some pics in
      the photos section. One is a good way to deal with stress. Try it at
      work ! LOL

      Anyway, I'll just pay attention from here on & learn from you.

      Nice meeting you. : )

      'Kathy - Indigo also.
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