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724Re: [The Indigo Network] The reading of Auras - Is it all a lie?

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  • Karen Eck
    Oct 2, 2002
      Cheryl, didn't you mean "conarcher" <Conarcher@a...>?
      Conarcher was banned from the list, quietly and without fanfare --
      without a single warning -- that kind of crap is not what this list is about.
      Sounded like troller to me. I don't need this list baited,
      trying to get little nasties flying back and forth.

      End of thread. Thanks,

      At 04:40 PM 10-02-02 -0700, you wrote:

      >Indigo boy is a prime example for the need of change. Even if he does not
      >beleive as we do, why doesn't he spending his time supporting things he
      >likes vs causing conflict for others.
      >indigo_boy23 wrote:We don't need to prove Who We Really Are to someone
      >like you. We
      >just are! On the other hand, me and my organisation are engaging in
      >research to find out more about the indigos and if there is indeed a
      >connection with being more psychic and spiritual... I know this, but
      >of course people like yourself won't accept that...so the other
      >approach is needed. Yet even without that, things are chang-ing, you
      >can't stop it, and you don't like it...
      >--- In indigo-schools@y..., "conarcher" <Conarcher@a...> wrote:
      > > I did, and what I found was complete utter bullshit. Some guy
      > > preaching cosmic energy, someone claiming to see auras around
      > > and people like you beliveing in it. Whats worse is that given your
      > > zealness if you had any evidence you would most likley hand it out.
      > > So, once again, what evidence do you have that shows the world that
      > > this isnt made up bullshit?

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