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671Fwd: IndigoThing- Clubs of Vision invitation, October 2002, SW France

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  • Karen Eck
    Sep 6, 2002
      >From: "Jonathan Orchard" <jonathan@...>
      >Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 16:01:19 +0100
      >Subject: IndigoThing- Clubs of Vision invitation, October 2002, SW France
      >Reply-To: indigothing@yahoogroups.com
      >Clubs of Vision
      >Stirring the Soul with the Tones of Creation
      >Dear Playful Creative Friends,
      >Greetings from Montcuq, S.W. France!
      >Imagine being surrounded by beautiful and nurturing countryside in a
      >creative atmosphere of Light and Love, with a loving group of fellow
      >explorers in consciousness, performance and music!
      >Imagine being part of this group, focusing on individual and global
      >transformation through the performing arts. Your talents and experiences
      >joining forces with others in a space filled with the arts of dance, mime,
      >music and multimedia.
      >Awakening us to our collective divine potential, these retreats have been
      >specifically designed to allow a deep bonding and trust. The aim is to
      >form an alliance or troupe that can combine ideas and performances into a
      >selection of workable events. These to then be taken and used in different
      >environments as part of ongoing projects.
      >Each creative retreat will be divided into different forums of conference
      >and workshop spaces.
      >The focus being that the greater the sanctity in preparations and the
      >deeper the commitment of all the people participating, the greater the
      >wealth of transcendent experience which may be gleaned from the sacred
      >play space.
      >Trusting and focusing on synchronicity and the Power of Now we will
      >carefully begin to create. Using installation art and sound-scapes we will
      >begin our divine theatre. At times spontaneous and playful, at others
      >disciplined and ceremonious. There are no spectators, only participants.
      >Even the sky, trees and the Earth are part of the play.
      >As music and rhythm are essential elements in this theatre for the soul,
      >we will use these to cultivate the inner sanctity or trance that precedes
      >divine order and experience.
      >If all of this excites you or anyone you know, and you wish to receive a
      >more detailed brochure with prices and booking form, please contact me at
      >the address below.
      >Yours sincerely,
      >Jonathan Orchard
      >Clubs of Vision
      >15 Dairy Close, Brixworth, Northamptonshire. NN6 9DR
      >Tel: 01604 880388 e-mail:
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