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624alternative teaching method

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  • altenergy2002
    Jun 3, 2002
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      Here's an attempt to bring students to the center of attention during
      class, instead of the teacher, so that all students are more actively
      involved and remain more attentive. Algebra class begins tomorrow
      here in Diego Garcia with 12 students enrolled - PERFECT! The
      approach will be to have them teach themselves the Algebra problems
      in a progressive manner, with instructor intervention only when the
      students are off track or when a math error pops up and the students
      don't catch it.

      That's it! I had a grad school instructor at Texas A&M University
      who had a grad school instructor who embraced that approach. He said
      it was the best class he had ever taken, though he didn't use that

      I'll give it a month and see how things progress. Till then...

      !!! :)) !!!