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513God brained or fear brained

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  • Robert Swanson
    Apr 3, 2001
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      A speaker on Art Bell radio show has explained clicking the amigdala forward
      for a spiritual experience. The study mentioned below explains the opposite.
      Implied fear also affects the amigdala in the brain.

      How often in our upbringing do adults imply danger to our wellbeing as if to
      impart loving kindness? Most of the time in my experience. Note that this
      trains left-brained abstract thinking. The opposite is allowing a child to
      nurse, or to have close a friend who is supportive.

      Sudbury school is a milieu allowing supportive friendships all day long.


      Taken as a whole, Phelps¹ findings extend the amygdala¹s involvement in the
      expression of fear to situations where the aversive consequences are
      imagined and anticipated but never experienced. In other words, fears that
      exist only in our minds activate some of the same neural systems as fears
      that are learned through experience.


      This research was conducted in collaboration with Michael Davis, Christian
      Grillon, John C. Gore, Christopher Gatenby and Kevin J. O¹Connor. These
      studies were conducted at the Yale School of Medicine¹s Department of

      Elizabeth A Phelps is an associate professor of psychology and neural
      science at NYU. She received her Ph.D. from Princeton University.