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  • Robert Swanson
    Feb 1, 2001
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      My take on the above links:
      Irrationalism vs. Spock

      Logic alone does not assess the context of its thinking process. It does not
      care that you may be impatient. When are emotions of value? When they help
      us arrive at fairly intelligent choices in a shortened amount of time. If
      this effort is put into furthering creative development, it has "more"
      value. When the effort is for simple survival (fear) it has "less" value.

      Fairly intelligent choices are a balance of function between the great
      conceptional neocortex and the emotional mamalian brain. If the mamalian
      brain is left to reason with the lower lizard brain then decisons will be
      primitive. Developing creative neocortex influence turns more emotions into
      feelings and a higher intelligence response.

      "It had previously been assumed that the highest level of the brain, the
      neocortex, dominates the other, lower levels. MacLean has shown that this is
      not the case, and that the physically lower limbic system, which rules
      emotions, can hijack the higher mental functions when it needs to."

      Neurology--web magazine