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  • Lyra Jubb
    Jan 1, 2013
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      Aloha Everyone,
      I am back, as much as I can be for the moment.  I have much to do these days, but I will try to keep up with all of the posts in the groups and add my two cents more often.
      I am sorry that there has not been much activity here from me for a while.  It has been very hectic.  I am still in the throwes of transition, however it seems to be nearing the closure of another chapter in my story.
      If you haven't had a chance yet, pleas visit my new website, Lyra's Cookie Company, and join my facebook connection if you like.
      I have also been painting a mural, making pottery and jewlery, and remodeling a trailer, which I am now selling.  All of this and more you can see on my facebook page.
      Any way, that is what is new with me.  Let me know how you all are doing these days.  Now that we have passed the climax of the Mayan calender everything is up to a new generation of visionaries.  Let's start building that new vision right!

      Peace, Love, And Light
      Lyra Star Mist Jubb
      "We co-create a beautiful world through our peaceful stewardship of Earth."

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