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1662A Reminder: The Healing Power of Family Play

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  • Dr. Charlotte Reznick PhD
    Jun 29, 2011
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      A Reminder:

      The Healing Power of Family Play

      [Adapted from last summer's post so you can remember & reconsider today.]

      Many years ago I happened upon a magical island in the Mediterranean where
      families from all parts of Europe took their holidays. The beaches have the
      warmest, clearest aqua waters, there are fascinating prehistoric "taula" ruins,
      a bit like Stonehenge sprinkled about, and the old towns take me back to a
      charming other time. I've been fortunate to return almost every year, with the
      exception of four, while intensely writing and sharing my book with the world.
      So when I was able to return this past summer, I was struck by the delightful
      healing possibilities of family play.

      Across the island beaches so many languages were spoken, it was hard to keep
      up. My Spanish was not close enough to Italian, my basic French is barely
      similar to Catalan, and I'm lost for German and Dutch. Even the English accents
      were difficult to decipher. Not understanding what the families around me were
      saying proved perfect. Because I could only observe the interactions of the
      families - their faces, movements, joy, laughter - without the distraction of
      words, I could focus on perhaps an even deeper communication.

      I saw a giant, gentle German bringing his hesitant three-year-old into the
      waves, sharing the excitement of the unexpected while keeping him safe. Sitting
      nearby, an Italian mom tenderly rubbed sunscreen on her little girl's back. In
      a secluded cove, a French father played "chef de cuisine" with his
      nine-year-old daughter. Carefully and slowly, the little girl made sand crepes
      for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while her dad patiently waited and gratefully
      accepted her masterpiece meals. Other families built sand castles, complete
      with moats and bridges as if they were building an amazing architectural
      wonder. And the teens were jumping off high cliffs into the sea below - from
      heights I had to almost close my eyes to.

      But what I noticed most, was that the families were happy. They were in the
      moment, totally loving, and enjoying each other. There was nary a video game to
      be found. Their two or three weeks of fun in the sun allowed a balance to their
      busy lives back home. But for how long? I realized the importance of sharing
      family play time... all year. No hidden agenda, nothing to learn or teach. Just
      have fun!

      Now that summer is starting, consider making a commitment to your family's play
      time happiness. Please read five ideas to sustain family happiness in my new
      Huffington Post blog article [2]HERE.

      Enjoy and share!

      Let me know what are your favorite family fun times. Email me now, in a month,
      or anytime.


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      With love and light,
      Dr. Charlotte

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      Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment and is the author/
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      Thanks again,

      A grateful Mom

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      Consultation, Workshops, Trainings and Speaking Offered Worldwide: U.S.,
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      All Content Copyright ©2010 Charlotte Reznick PhD, All rights reserved.


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