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1652How 2010 year ended for DNA Facebook group

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  • Raymond Andrews
    Jan 4, 2011
      Developmental Neurodiversity Association (DNA) facebook group ended the year with 1,777 members since its creation on June 3, 2010. It went past its goal of 1,000 members for the end of year.

      The whole point behind Developmental Neurodiversity Association (DNA) is that a different mind is not a deficient mind. It's not about promoting a disability,handicap,or something that is wrong and broken with the person.

      It is for people who have genetic neurodivergence. That's why made the name the way it is with DNA as its acronym, suggesting "genetic"

      It is not made for people have acquired neurodiverent symptoms through things like brain damage,toxins, nutritional deficiencies,and other things.

      The problem is that they lump genetic neurodivergence and acquired neurodivergence together and believe that they have the same causes and are looked and treated the same.
      That goes with both conventional and alternative medical views of these neurodivergent conditions.
      Both conventional and alternative health practitioners don't consider that neurodivergence is connected to strengths and not just weaknesses.

      DNA was made for people who fit with what is called twice/dual exceptional (gifted and disabled). I fit with twice/dual exceptional. I know what it's like to viewed as
      intellectually handicapped at points in my life and as gifted in other points of my life because of the paradox nature of being twice/dual exceptional with my Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,ADHD. Many people with neurodivergent conditions fit with the twice/dual exceptional. They get lumped with others that have acquired neurodivergence.

      Dr. Temple Grandin has genetic autism, and she believes that autism can be caused by environmental insults interacting with genetics. She believes that's a
      totally different form of autism than what she and many of her fellow autistics have. It's not fair that genetic autistics are viewed the same way as acquired autistics.

      I acknowledge the genetic neurodivergence for the sake of the neurodiversity community, but I also acknowledge acquired neurodivergence for the sake of the biomed community.

      Neurodiversity community doesn't want genetic neurodivergence to be viewed as something wrong and needs to be fixed,and the biomed community doesn't want
      acquired neurodivergence to be viewed as something that's not wrong and doesn't need to be fixed.

      I am looking forward to what's in store for DNA this year.