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1587Earth College Newsletter-January-Renewable Energy Now

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  • Lyra Jubb
    Jan 6, 2009

      Dear Friends,

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      Did you know that there are many solutions already in

      use today to reduce and eventually eliminate our

      dependence on fossil fuel?

      Politicians are relying on coal and natural gas found in

      America to bolster any efforts towards making our

      country completely self-reliant for our energy. Why are

      we still digging for un-renewable energy, when there are

      plenty of renewable alternatives in use today?

      One such renewable energy is methane from
      <http://www.earthcollege.org/renewable_energy_methane.html> manure,

      which one electric company and several farmers have

      collaborated to bring to customers in our state. The

      waste left is un-smelly animal waste, which can be used

      for bedding, mulch, pooh-pots, etc.

      “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use today to change the

      By Nelson Mandela

      Did you know that methane is a greenhouse gas, which

      has been estimated to be up to 21 times more

      dangerous to our environment than carbon dioxide?

      Learn more <http://www.earthcollege.org/renewable_energy_methane.html> à

      Wind power <http://www.windustry.com/> is plentiful in the Great Plains as
      well as on

      top of our mountains, and you can now become a part

      of a growing number of people leasing their own solar

      panels <http://www.leasethesun.com/FAQ.html> . There is energy derived from
      wind, water, solar,

      ethanol, geothermal, and methane.

      With more politicians and big corporations beginning to

      see the advantages of alternative energy, why is no one

      talking about energy made from the green house gas

      called methane <http://www.earthcollege.org/renewable_energy_methane.html> ?
      The federal government offers grants

      for research on alternative energy sources, both

      renewable and non-renewable, and yet methane has not

      even been in a debate or any energy plan shown to

      Americans. Some of these alternatives have never even

      seen a cent; and yet they are being used today in

      America and around the world effectively.

      Demand more from congress than the rhetoric of our

      need to study new technology to create more

      alternative energy solutions. The solutions are out there

      now and it is our responsibility to ensure that these

      technologies are made available to the public now. We

      are asking for your help in sharing this information and

      ensuring that ‘pooh power’, and other technology out

      there today, be part of any politicians energy plan to be

      implemented within one presidential term, as that is

      realistically how long any politician can expect to be the


      <http://www.earthcollege.org/> Text Box:

      Peace, Love and Light,

      Lyra Jubb

      Co-founder of

      Earth College <http://www.earthcollege.org/>

      <http://www.donnellycolt.com/catalog/core.shtml> PLEDGE to the Earth

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