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1503Unique New Training Program Avoids 2 Critical Mistakes

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  • Patels
    Aug 2, 2007
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      Recently I e-mailed you with some info on a unique new training program
      by my friend Karen Curry. I just wanted to mention again how critical I
      think it is to have the right mix of spiritual wisdom along with some
      real world marketing training when you really want to succeed today.

      Karen is a great role model. She's really a delight to study with -
      joyful and practical at the same time. I really think you would like her.

      Her training gives you a real world way to earn over $100 per hour doing
      the kind of work that is truly spiritually rewarding. Be sure to check
      it out.

      Click this link to read her letter to you:


      If you like what you read and want to know more, just call her. She told
      me that she would love to talk to any of my "people".

      Her number is 612-799-3247.

      Oh, and avoiding those two critical mistakes? She explains it all right


      Read her letter. Give her a call. Then get back to me and let me know
      what you think. Thanks.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Remember your light and keep it shining!



      p.s. I asked Karen to add a few words herself and here is what she wrote
      to me to send you:

      "My unique vision of the deep message of love hidden in these rich
      teachings has inspired me to develop these trainings. This is what I
      aspire to pass on to you every time we train together. And I learn more
      myself every time I teach others.

      If you have experienced it yourself then you know how profound this
      understanding can be. And in the course of the training you will
      experience first hand your own "design" and positive strategies.

      Knowing your own design and then being able to share this knowledge with
      others gives you a very real sense of contribution and gratitude.
      Besides, it's a lot of fun.

      You get the additional joy of participating with others as they get to
      wake up to their own "design". You feel the excitement of showing others
      how they can use this new knowledge of who they really are - to finally
      feel free to be themselves.

      Please consider joining me as we explore the language of love and self
      acceptance known as the Human Design System. Together we will have some
      fun, learn a lot, discover how to help each other, and train to be
      magnificent teachers and interpreters of this profound message for


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