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  • Lisa
    Sep 5, 2006
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      !Hot News!

      Lisa Bellini

      We are Proudly Announcing

      Indigo Metamorphosis Expo

      Being held at
      Jan Jenson's
      in Mooresville, North Carolina

      This is a very exciting time for Indigos' everywhere
      I will be holding an Indigo Gathering in October . Parents Teachers
      and Young Indigo's get so much information when they come to an
      Indigo Gathering. I call this a Gathering not a lecture, I love
      holding an Open Discussion. People feel more relaxed in an open
      Forum, this is a much more effective way of sharing information than
      a straight lecture ...

      Questions are Welcome !

      I can't tell you how many young adults are contacting me and
      thanking me for what I am doing, along with my colleagues. There is
      such a need for accurate information to be shared with
      everyone ...

      I Thank all of You for your comments and suggestions !!!

      I will also be teaching the Crystal Pyramid Technique. I developed
      my method through 13 years of Out of Body Experiences, Dreams of
      seeing my Life Contract, Seeing Angels and Meditating and
      researching the energy bodies and what they do.

      The CPT Heals and Empowers You ... then you go onto
      Heal and Empower Others ...
      I have been especially guided to be teaching this to all
      Adult Indigos
      who are now discovering Who They Are !

      Guest Lecturers May Include :

      Working Through Personal Transitions
      Rev. Carolyn L'Hommedieu Davies

      Conscious Parenting
      Barbra Gilman

      Channeling the Spirits of Change
      Sheryl Blumenthal

      The WELLth Coach
      Jan Jenson

      The Master's Healing Temple
      Yana L. Freeman

      Master Astrologer and Healer
      Randall Mack Oppitz

      DNA activations & Spiritual readings
      Christine Spaziano

      This is a Great Opportunity to Meet Other People
      Who are Just like You :)

      On Friday Night there will be a
      Full Moon Ceremonial Fire
      With Drumming and Dancing

      On Saturday Night
      \We will have the Indigo Gathering

      On Sunday Night
      We will have a Group
      Indigo Channeling with
      Sheryl Blumenthal

      Mean while, you can set up Private Sessions with all of the Healers
      \Private readings appointments are available
      Private Indigo Channeling
      Private Healing Sessions are available,

      This is a One of a Kind .. Not to be Missed Event !

      If you would like to be a vendor to sell your 'wares' or even just
      to publicize who you are and what you do....

      Please email lisa.bellini@...

      I will also be in San Francisco in October
      And have been invited to Utah

      Ask me How to Set Up A Gathering In Your Town ...

      I have set up space on my web page to talk about where we are being
      asked to travel...

      If the response in your area is good, We may set up a gathering :)

      I look forward to meeting ALL of you ! ! !

      Love and Light Lisa and the Members of the Crystal Healing
      Foundation :)