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  • Gaia Trek
    Dec 15, 2005
      Hi Sara,

      I'm inclined to think that if Montessori is in your heart, it's probably
      worth the drive and time. Is the cost of gas an issue? I used to commute
      an hour to work and then back every day and I found having that extra time
      to wake up, meditate, relax, wind down, and meditate some more was just what
      the doctor ordered. If I could do that everyday with my children, have two
      hours a day without any distractions, just our conversations, meditations,
      or silence, I would be in heaven. Will you miss two hours out of your day
      that you otherwise spend doing housework, errands, etc? I found that the
      time spent in the car was wonderful but it did mean running a little faster
      afterwards to catch up and keep my day in tact. Can you delegate to a
      spouse or significant other when you need some things picked up from the
      store? Does Montessori give any homework? That would be something else to
      think about, especially if you have multiple children as you'll have less
      hours left over to do it in. You want to be sure you don't burn yourself
      out trying to meet your day's expectations in a limited time agenda. If it
      were me, I would take a day or two or three and just go "be" at the school;
      maybe take your son with you. Your intuition will speak loudly to you about
      where you need to be from that point forward.

      Let us know what you decide and then keep us posted as to how it's going.
      I'd love to hear more.




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      Subject: Re: [The Indigo Network] 3 Kinds of Alt Schools/new member

      I would love to get every ones opinion on a possibly great opportunity for
      my son Nathan who is 6 years old. He has been attending public school since
      kindergarten. I have always wished I could get him into some type of
      Montessori schooling but have not had the means but I just amazingly found a
      charter school in my county that is Montessori. It is small, about 150-200
      kids, grade K-8, has the noncompetitive free think approach and it's free as
      apposed to the 5-7 grand a year it would usually cost. My only dilemma is
      that the school is about an hour away through heavy traffic. His public
      school is right around the corner and my job only a mile away from our house
      . We would leave at 7:30 in the morning and get home by 6:30 at night,
      which means less free time after school for him. I feel like the
      opportunity is more that worth the extra drive time but would it be for him?
      I think so, what do you guys think?


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