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  • Jessi Miller
    Dec 8, 2005
      WOW I am still amazed at small-mindedness. How
      terrible to have to go through that withthe Christian
      schools. I'm lucky, the Montessori in my town goes
      through elementary school. But when middle-school
      comes, I'm going to be at a loss. My kids are only 3
      and 5 right now, so I've got some time. I would LOVE
      if there could be a school for Indigos, or even a nice
      small private "home-made" school. Two women I know who
      are of new thought mentality have been talking about
      it, so maybe I'll try to get involved to help that.
      But, I don't have much time or money.
      Anyway, thanks for sharing, and I'll look up the

      --- ArtistDesigner@... wrote:

      > Hi,
      > My oldest son, who is now 22, went to Montessori
      > schools until
      > kindergarten. He then went to various Christian
      > schools as they are the ONLY type of
      > private schooling available in my city. I
      > eventually had to pull him out and
      > put him in regular public schools because the
      > Christian schools here were
      > very judge mental about him and his unusual
      > abilities and were telling him they
      > were of the devil. Most of the Montessori schools
      > he attended were abs
      > olutely wonderful and he thrived. In some areas
      > Montessori schools continue
      > through all grades but here only in pre-school. I
      > have heard about Waldorf
      > schools that are supposed to be a very good
      > environment for our kids and they
      > special needs they have but alas none are available
      > in my area and I have two
      > more sons, very young who would greatly benefit
      > from it.
      > If I had the money, I would try very hard to get
      > together with other
      > Indigo parents and start a specialized chain of
      > schools just for our children.
      > It's about time...the world is filled with Indigos
      > now. Here is some
      > information about Waldorf schools.
      > _http://www.waldorfanswers.org/_
      > (http://www.waldorfanswers.org/)
      > Donna
      > Hi Sandra,
      > I don't know of any mainstream schooling across the
      > country that is very natural or perfect... but my
      > kids
      > are in Montessori, which is the best thing I can
      > find,
      > especially in my area. I'm in a pretty conservative
      > area of central Florida. Montessori is, as far as I
      > know, the best method currently easily found in the
      > US. There may be invividual schools scattered about
      > that have better approaches. Look into it, the
      > Montessori method is about NOT trying to make
      > children
      > fit into an average profile. It deals with
      > individual
      > learning styles and does not confine the children
      > in
      > desks all day. My kids, and everyone I know who's
      > kids
      > have attended, are 2 years ahead of other schools,
      > at
      > least.
      > Good luck in your search...
      > love,
      > Jessi
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