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  • ArtistDesigner@aol.com
    Dec 8, 2005
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      My oldest son, who is now 22, went to Montessori schools until
      kindergarten. He then went to various Christian schools as they are the ONLY type of
      private schooling available in my city. I eventually had to pull him out and
      put him in regular public schools because the Christian schools here were
      very judge mental about him and his unusual abilities and were telling him they
      were of the devil. Most of the Montessori schools he attended were abs
      olutely wonderful and he thrived. In some areas Montessori schools continue
      through all grades but here only in pre-school. I have heard about Waldorf
      schools that are supposed to be a very good environment for our kids and they
      special needs they have but alas none are available in my area and I have two
      more sons, very young who would greatly benefit from it.
      If I had the money, I would try very hard to get together with other
      Indigo parents and start a specialized chain of schools just for our children.
      It's about time...the world is filled with Indigos now. Here is some
      information about Waldorf schools. _http://www.waldorfanswers.org/_

      Hi Sandra,
      I don't know of any mainstream schooling across the
      country that is very natural or perfect... but my kids
      are in Montessori, which is the best thing I can find,
      especially in my area. I'm in a pretty conservative
      area of central Florida. Montessori is, as far as I
      know, the best method currently easily found in the
      US. There may be invividual schools scattered about
      that have better approaches. Look into it, the
      Montessori method is about NOT trying to make children
      fit into an average profile. It deals with individual
      learning styles and does not confine the children in
      desks all day. My kids, and everyone I know who's kids
      have attended, are 2 years ahead of other schools, at
      Good luck in your search...

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