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  • Jessi Miller
    Dec 8, 2005
      Hi Sandra,
      I don't know of any mainstream schooling across the
      country that is very natural or perfect... but my kids
      are in Montessori, which is the best thing I can find,
      especially in my area. I'm in a pretty conservative
      area of central Florida. Montessori is, as far as I
      know, the best method currently easily found in the
      US. There may be invividual schools scattered about
      that have better approaches. Look into it, the
      Montessori method is about NOT trying to make children
      fit into an average profile. It deals with individual
      learning styles and does not confine the children in
      desks all day. My kids, and everyone I know who's kids
      have attended, are 2 years ahead of other schools, at
      Good luck in your search...

      --- sandralzires <sandralzires@...> wrote:

      > Hello all,
      > I am new to this group and am looking for info
      > regarding alternative
      > schooling. I live in a Nashville, TN suburb where
      > corporal punishment
      > is widely administered. I can't believe that this
      > is actually
      > happening in the US. I am considering a move out of
      > this state if I
      > must.
      > I would love to find a school that is nature-based
      > with as much as
      > outdoor time as possible. My son needs to be
      > outside as much as
      > possible. If anyone has any suggestions I would be
      > very grateful.
      > Thanks,
      > Sandra

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