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1055Karma and the Ties that are Released; Pt. 1

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  • Lyra
    Oct 4, 2005
      Aloha Friends,

      I sit here and wonder how to begin this letter without rambling.
      There are so many things that I would like to say and so many ways
      that I have learned in the past week that it is hard to know where to

      I haven't been active in the group these last 2 weeks due to the fact
      that my husband (JP), son (Quinn) and I went to visit JP's family.
      They were putting together a reunion around his arrival because he has
      not been back in 20 some years. Why? You may wonder.

      There are many of us who have experienced unpleasant childhoods, which
      drove us away from family and home life to explore the world at large.
      This is one of the agreements that we made in order to remember
      ourselves. Some may have had a harder time than others in this
      awakening process. I can only speak of my own experiences, and those
      of my husband. JP's childhood was wrought with alcoholic abuse from
      his mother and step-father. Mine was psychotic schizophrenia from my
      mother and neglect from my estranged father. We all have our stories.

      Anyway, I was a bit apprehensive of this reunion, as you might guess.
      There has been a lot of unexpressed pain and anger building up within
      JP, that has lead to his disabilities. I read somewhere here that
      this is the time for all of our old baggage to come to the surface and
      be discarded so that we may engage more of our DNA make up. This is
      why I was supporting this venture into the unknown.

      We went to Ill. for eight days with the hope that all old injury would
      be peacefully resolved. By the second day things were not going as
      planned. We brought home some food that we bought only to be
      confronted by his mother, who was offended that we would do such a
      thing. When we told her that we just didn't eat the same way she
      started yelling and saying that she had asked me three times that day
      if there was anything special I needed. I had been suffering from a
      intense migraine and wasn't very focused. JP sent me and Quinn
      downstairs because both of his parents were yelling and we did not
      want to expose our son to that type of behavior.

      JP spent the next hour and a half re-hashing his childhood memories
      with them. His mother seemed to think that everything that had
      happened was based on his decisions and not what they had been doing.
      By the end of that night he was ready to pack up and leave. I sat
      and talked to him about staying this out, if for nothing else, to
      resolve his karmic pain. We agreed to go along as long as possible
      and stay in the house.

      For the next three days things seemed to be working out all right. We
      went and met with other family members in the area and JP was able to
      resolve, or so he thought, some anger issues with his half brother.
      We met with one of the members of the Indigo Action chat group, who
      happened to live in JP's hometown. That was cool.

      Saturday afternoon came around and the reunion began. Most of the
      people there were friendly and happy. We took pictures and talked
      about the weather, you know, not much. The food was OK and the
      company was welcoming.

      On Sunday JP wasn't feeling well and couldn't make the first church
      ceremony. His mom waited around for him to get up so that we could
      make the later one. We got there late and he couldn't keep awake, but
      that was OK by me. The pastor/minister was talking about how all
      things that people think they possess and earn are really God's and we
      are just stewards of the stuff.

      Isn't it ironic that when they talk about stuff, they are talking
      about cars and TVs and material possessions? Like that stuff even
      existed when God spoke about stewardship.

      Then he wrapped the speech up with a plea for money to erect a school
      to train the children right. TRAIN the children!! Boy, are they in
      for a surprise.

      I thought that I would break this message up into two parts so that
      you can take a break. This story is meant to offer some insight into
      the mechanisms of our karmic outline to play out. Each of us has our
      own karma to deal with. Blessings to all of you on your journey.
      Stay tuned for part 2.

      Peace, Love and Light.