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1Introduction to indigo-schools

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  • theosophist@netzero.net
    Aug 5, 2000
      Join together in a grass roots effort to transform the world's
      systems. Today's children need a flexible school system that looks
      at the individual child and provides proper nutrition, from nature's
      table, cutting edge therapies, and a Montessori type learning
      environment - (Go to http://www.wdn.com/trust/ims/ for more info on
      Montessori schools programs) - for all children, not just those
      blessed with parents with the funds needed to enroll in a private

      This network of progressive schools is already being created on a
      grass roots level in several countries around the world. Please
      offer your direct assistance and advice for manifesting change NOW.
      You can begin NOW to transform your community's school system.
      Parents and teachers in many communities have already begun raising
      funds to begin progressive school reform. Go to
      http://www.indigochild.com/schools.html for more information on
      progressive school programs.

      These changes will come to fruition on a global scale – in every
      province and state, in every city and village, and especially in the
      United States of America. No longer do we have to accept a school
      system based on the Prussian military, designed to break the spirit
      of the child and turn them into clones, content to live their lives
      out as industrial era factory workers. The industrial era is over and
      the school system must change to nurture and enhance the full
      potential of each child.

      If the children of tomorrow are to become self-actualized and
      brilliant, the parents and teachers of today must come together NOW
      and continue to sow the seeds of change. A great harvest is being
      seen as our children mature in this new millennium. Be a part of the
      network of parents and teachers who want a future of peace and
      happiness for our children. We are here to serve the children.
      Through our service, may we also find peace and happiness in our