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Circle of Nations

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  • ghwelker
    Hau kola, Welcome to all new Circle members! Each section of the Circle of Nations newsletter is written facing one of the four sacred winds, beginning with
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
      Hau kola,

      Welcome to all new Circle members! Each section of the Circle of
      Nations newsletter is written 'facing' one of the four sacred winds,
      beginning with the east, then the south, west and finally the north.
      This is to honor the old ways. It is to teach and to help us focus
      and find the center. I have designed the Native Circle website in
      the same spirit. I welcome you all to the Circle....

      EAST - Wiyohinyanpata - Yellow (Four Winds)
      Hello to my friends and family. You know, I have been writing this
      newsletter every month for over 4 years. This letter goes out to
      countless thousands around the world, free of charge and free of that
      nasty 'spam' stuff we all hate. With all the touring I do, it has at
      times been a challenge to get a meaningful letter written and sent
      each month. Close friends have asked me at times.... why? Why do
      it? Many have offered their suggestions to me as well.... why not
      a 'quarterly' letter?.... why not charge a small annual fee?....
      etc., etc.. And I have pondered many of these ideas, but for now I
      choose to keep things as they are and as they have always been. Will
      it change someday? Who knows. I live life by holding out the wings
      of my spirit and allowing the Great Mystery to direct my path. I
      have always wanted this letter to be more than words. It is my hope
      that, through this electronic medium, I have offered a way for people
      to connect to the beauty and power of Indigenous medicine and
      wisdom. As most of you know, Red Earth (our online store) is how we
      finance our online operations, and it means a lot to us when our
      Circle Members shop with us. We truly feel like you are family! So
      the Circle of Nations newsletter is like a giant web that connects us
      to all of our Circle member tiyospaye (extended family). I write
      these letters because I want to share the strength, truth and spirit
      of our (American Indian) culture with all who will listen with their
      hearts. I write these letters because I care that the world is going
      crazy and I want to do something to lend balance, perspective and
      hope. Indigenous people are the 'earth-keepers'. We have always
      known the rhythms, cycles and life-pulse of earth, sky and space.
      These ancient wisdoms are desperately needed in today's troubled
      times. I am a 'fixer'.... a healer in the elk medicine way, a
      subtle, yet very powerful way of healing in the Lakota tradition. If
      it's broke, I want to see if there is any way I can help to mend it.
      The sacred hoop is not yet mended. It is far from it. But it is
      beginning to mend. And so I write.... and share.... and offer my
      medicine. I do everything I do, my music, my medicine, my writings,
      my touring, my lectures, and this newsletter.... all because I
      believe the sacred hoop of the nations of the world and of our mother
      earth can mend. I am quite certain that most all of our Circle
      Members believe this as well, or why else would you be reading this
      letter? *grin* Pilamaye (thanks) to all of you around the world for
      staying connected to us, and to the vision for world peace, world
      balance and world healing. Now, let me try and pour a little water
      on the sacred tree....

      SOUTH - Itokagata - Red (Red Earth)
      If you or someone you know is anywhere near Springfield, Missouri you
      are personally invited to attend the upcoming 'HEAL' concert at the
      Landers Theater on Friday, November 15th in Springfield, MO. Tickets
      are $15 each. This will be another full fledged concert experience,
      with light show, special effects and live music from
      the 'HEAL', 'Good Medicine', 'Voices' and 'Traditions' CDs. To get
      your tickets call toll free: 866-444-0940. Click here for more
      concert info: http://www.johntwohawks.com/theschedule.htm

      Finally.... I have given Red Earth a new look! You have to see it,
      it is just beautiful. Plus, as promised, we have some new products
      to tell you about.... Christmas Gift Sets (with our new soaps &
      lotions, music and more all in a convenient gift bag!), Southwest
      Throw Blankets (beautiful AND affordable), Pocket Knives (with wolf,
      eagle and horse designs) and the 'HEAL' T-Shirt! I have worked hard
      on the new Red Earth look, to make it more attractive and more easily
      navigated, so give it a whirl!

      Mending Medicine Retreat - We had such a wonderful experience at the
      Mending Medicine Retreat that we have decided to make it an annual
      event! So.... next year's Mending Medicine Retreat will take place
      on October 17, 18 & 19th 2003. Space is limited. Send your $75
      registration deposit in to hold your spot. Be sure to make checks
      payable to: Circle Studios.
      Want to send blessings to all who attended this last retreat. It was
      a beautiful, powerful time. We are always learning, so there will be
      some changes to next year's retreat to make it even better. It was
      really great getting to meet some of you from the Circle and spend
      time chatting and laughing over good food. Looking forward to more
      chat, more medicine and more food!

      WEST - Wiyohpeyata - Black or Blue (We are STILL here!)
      I had a news writer ask me a question the other day for his paper.
      The question was, 'Do you think the upcoming election will change the
      future of our country?' My reply, which is to go to print, was 'No
      election will ever change the future of this country.' I said this
      to him with a grin and a wink, but I meant it and he knew it.
      Elections don't change anything. It is people like you and I that
      change things. One only needs to look back to the radical changes of
      the 1960s to see this plain truth. I see and hear our elected
      officials talking war, yet I have a hunch that a huge unspoken
      majority of our population is against going to war. We are getting
      kinda tired of all this killing and destruction and patriotic
      machismo. If General Bush and So-damn Insane have a problem with
      each other, let's put em in the ring and let em duke it out. We
      could all cheer or boo and wager bets on it. I know that's a silly
      thing to say, but I want you to try something with me.... Let's
      imagine that all the soldiers and common people of America and all
      the soldiers and common people of Saudi Arabia just collectively
      decided not to go to war. What would these 2 guys do? They'd stop
      and pay attention, that's what they'd do! Now I realize that the
      idea of everybody agreeing on peace is ridiculous...... right? We
      are supposed to keep killing each other over greed, creed and deed,
      after all, it's the way of the world....... right? The point
      here, is that WE, and only we, have the power to change the world.
      Only we have the power to change the future of our country, because
      you can be absolutely certain that no election ever will....

      NORTH - Waziyata - White (Words of Wisdom)
      The sky is swirling above me.... Darkness, shadows and rumbling
      atmospheric aggravation.... Warm wind rushes and swims around my
      naked skin as my long hair whirls and twists like a silent grass
      dancer.... Thunder cracks and lightning splits time into countless
      fragments of eternity.... I stand.... Alone.... Yet together
      with all.... Rain.... Drip drop plip plop.... It begins....
      Head back.... Arms out.... Smiling.... I am
      Troubles, hardship, struggles, pain.... we've all had them. Even
      that person you thought had it made has experienced them. So what of
      these 'pains'?
      ...........................pouring rain.... arms out, reaching
      upward.... cleansing showers.... power soak.... bare feet....
      biting rocks.... pain.... exhilaration.... SNAP! BOOM!
      fear.... unexpected.... unknown.... danger.... drenched....
      absorbed.... nothing else exists.... only the storm.... soak it
      up.... every pore.... the thunder beings rumble.... feet
      learn.... soften their stance.... touch the earth.... touch the
      sky.... one with all.... fire pours in.... water purifies....
      face it.... dance in it.... discomfort becomes joy.... earth
      teaches.... wind challenges.... swaying.... vulnerable....
      Don't hide from your 'pains'. Face them. Seek the way.... not
      through them, but from them. Pain opens us to Spirit, softens our
      heart, changes our view, gives us perspective and makes us strong.
      Find courage, and you will learn.
      ...........................slowing.... drip drop drip drop....
      rumble.... gentle breeze.... deep breath.... arms trickle down to
      my sides.... seaweed hair.... drip drop.... head tilting forward,
      facing ahead again.... time to go.... dry off.... get on with
      life.... stepping forward.... a little more softly now....

      It is my hope that something good comes to you from these ramblings
      of mine. May WakanTanka bless you all with faith to believe, hope
      for the future and love for all....

      In the spirit of mending the sacred hoop of the nations of the world,
      Your Oglala Lakota brother / friend,
      John Two-Hawks

      Reprinting of this Circle letter is encouraged! All I ask is that it
      be printed in its entirety unless I have otherwise okayed it.

      --- Cyril Taylor
      --- cyrilt@...
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