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Power of God? (fwd)

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  • Glenn Welker
    Dear Relatives: We recently received this email from an individual who visited our website, http://www.indigenouspeople.org/natlit/uctp/ and read about our PR
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      Dear Relatives:

      We recently received this email from an individual who visited our


      and read about our PR Columbus Statue Protest.

      I felt compelled to share this message with my relations, so that you
      all may have the opportunity to respond to this gentleman if you
      If you would like to read about the latest update on the Puerto Rican
      Columbus Statue issue, please check out our most recent edition of
      Voz del Pueblo Taino", our UCTP newsletter now online. I look forward
      to your reponses and our continued correspondence.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Roberto Mucaro Borrero,
      President, UCTP

      Mucaro Borrero <uctp1493@...>
      brandon bouck wrote:

      UCTP, Wow, I am very dissipointed that you feel this way about the
      man that discovered the Americas to the Western world in 1492.  He
      also a man that was inspired by God to sail across those tretcherous
      waters in that era.  Columbus was certainly a religious man
      to the day.  According to the standards of our day Columbus
      allowed things to happen that are to us incredulous, but without the
      gospel on the Earth how was one so uneducated in truth suppost to act
      according to your standards.  I'll have you remember that it was
      Columbus himself but many of those whom were in voyages with Columbus
      that so brutally attacked your people.

      Also your people are the ones that felt that their land and way of
      life was in danger (they knew all too well) and so on many occasions
      they became fierce instead of cooporating with the Europeans.  Now
      will not admit that I would have stood idly by and allowed the Euros
      to invade my land and liberty, but the power of God can and did.
      you read in the Book of Mormon another testiment of Jesus Christ
      the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in the book of 2
      Nephi, 13th chapter you will find a verse in there that talks of one
      inspired, that was led to the islands of the sea (north and south
      america) by the Holy Ghost.  All others were unable to reach the
      Americas because of the power of God.  That tells me that what
      Columbus did was not a putrid and abominable act, but an act of God,
      like it or not.

      Your people have a very in-depth recorded history in that book.  If
      you wonder why you don't know of your peoples start in the Americas,
      it is because they didn't keep records.  However, the brothers of
      people did and that is where the Book of Mormon came from. In the book
      your people are foreordained to receive the punishment that they did
      in the end.  Look at the consequences of the Natives of all the

      That my dear (and I mean this sincerely) UCTP is by the power of God,
      not because you are bad or the Tainos are bad no but because of the
      unbelief of your first ancestors in America.  This is part of Gods
      plan, I know this is true I believe what the Book of Mormon reads is
      very true, as a matter of fact more true than any book.  I know it
      of your ancestors and the plan of god.

      Please instead of attacking thoughts of Columbus, celebrate what he
      really accomplished and that is emmence.  Stop feeling sorry for
      yourselves and move your people to a higher level like the Book of
      Mormon states you will. God knows you and your past, but it is your
      future he is concerned about.  

      Brandon from the U.S.
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