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  • Chala
    NATIVE VILLAGE YOUTH AND EDUCATION NEWS January 1, 2011 To learn about these and MANY more offerings, visit the Native Village web site:
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      January 1, 2011
      To learn about these and MANY more offerings, visit the Native Village web site:

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      <<<>>><<<>>>QUOTES <<<>>><<<>>>.
      "If enough people stood up at a time and told stories, and we listened, we wouldn't have time for a war."
      Sherman Alexie

      <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<< VOLUME 1 <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<
      Amazon Tribe Down to Five as Oldest Member Dies
      Outrage Lingers Among Those Who Love Effigy Mounds
      Easter Island Land Dispute Clashes Leave Dozens Injured
      First Black President In North America Led Mexico 173 Years Ago
      2010 Busy for Native American Issues  
      Presidential Tribal Summit Provides Networking Opportunities
      Groups Aim to Develop New Native American Leaders

      <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<VOLUME 2 <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<
      Aboriginal Youth Programs Extended
      Native Leader Explains Tlingit Education's Relevance for All Societies
      Controversy Surrounds Book Read in Helena High Schools
      Beck and Crew Attack Native American Student For Singing a Song Honoring Troops at Reid Rally
      ASU Center Bringing New Life to Native Languages
      IUPUI, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Sign First of It's Kind Agreement with Indiana
      American Indian Graduate Center Awards First Fellowship to Shinnecock Law Student

      <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<VOLUME 3 <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<
      Pollution Can Change Your DNA in 3 Days
      Killer in the Attic: EPA Still Evades Zonolite Warnings
      Native Youth Honored for Conservation Work
      Mayo Clinic to Expand Outreach to American Indians  
      A Murder of Crows
      Super Foods for Every Age  
      Scientists Find Fountain of Youth -- in Mice

      <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<VOLUME 4 <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<
      Six Sounds Humans Love the Most
      NM Arts School Enters in Dual Credit Pacts
      Hosea Gear Wins Maori Sportsperson Award
       Focus on Native Plants and People
      Vatican Recognizes Taos Artist's Work
      Pendleton to Make White Buffalo Hair Blend Blankets
      Talib Kweli, Dead Prez and More Record Album for Jailed Activist

      <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<NEW <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<
      Winners: 2010 Native American Music Awards
      Indigenous Laplanders, Reindeer Herds, and Dogsleds
      School Lunches Around Our World

      <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<SPECIAL FEATURES <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<
      Children's Messages for Peace
      Sacred Instructions by Spiritual Elder William Commanda and Frank Decontie
      U. S. American Indian Centers
      Canadian North Cookbook
      Hawaiian Book of Days
      The World's Healthiest Foods
      One With Mother Earth
      The Arrogance of Ignorance
      21st century Poverty Facts and Stats - Global Issues
      Harvey Arden: Open Letter to Barack Obama Regarding Leonard Peltier
      In Honor of Vine Deloria
      Transcendent magic: the world premiere of "my Life is my Sun

      <<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<THIS MONTH IN NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<

      <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<ZAAGKII WINGS AND SEEDS<<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<

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