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[indigenous_peoples_literature] Fw: Doings at the Center!

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  • Anne Frasi
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2000
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      > Wednesday, March. 1, 2000
      > U S WEST Grant Provides Computer Skills For
      > Advancement of American Indians in Denver
      > American Indians in the Denver area can now get the critical
      > computer and Internet skills they
      > need for today's high-tech world, thanks to U S WEST's continued
      > commitment to bridging the
      > "Digital Divide." Sol Trujillo, chairman, president and CEO, and
      > Denver Indian Center
      > Chairwoman Keiko Broken Leg - Kinn Tuesday were on hand at the
      > Denver Indian Center
      > (DIC) to announce the "Learning Through Technology" Partnership
      > Program.
      > Funded by up to $150,000 from U S WEST, the program will provide
      > much-needed
      > technology training to American Indians to enhance their skills and
      > increase employment
      > opportunities.
      > "U S WEST's commitment to making life better for the American Indian
      > community is clear,"
      > said Broken Leg - Kinn. "With the new Learning Through Technology
      > Partnership Program,
      > we can ensure that our clients have access to the computer and
      > technology training that is so
      > critical for success today."
      > "Technology can be a great equalizer," said Trujillo. "This program
      > will provide real
      > 'Information Empowerment,' giving American Indians in the Denver
      > area the technology
      > training they need to overcome barriers they face, such as
      > geographic isolation and access to
      > information."
      > "The foresight and spirit of cooperation between the Denver Indian
      > Center, United Tribes
      > Technical College and good corporate community citizens like U S
      > WEST is admirable," said
      > U.S. Senator and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs,
      > Ben Nighthorse
      > Campbell. "It is imperative that the Digital Divide is narrowed in
      > all communities, but
      > especially in Native American communities."
      > Over the last five years, U S WEST also has installed miles of fiber
      > on reservations
      > throughout the west to keep American Indian customers connected to
      > friends, family and the
      > world. In addition, the company has supported the American Indian
      > College Fund with nearly
      > $2 million in donations since 1998 and has worked with the Bureau of
      > Indian Affairs to
      > deliver high-speed Internet access to schools on reservations in New
      > Mexico, South Dakota
      > and Arizona.
      > The Learning Through Technology Partnership Program is another step
      > U S WEST is taking to
      > help bridge the 'Digital Divide,' a national problem that refers to
      > the inability of certain
      > people and small businesses - especially those in less populated or
      > less affluent areas - to
      > obtain affordable, high-speed Internet access. In fact, Trujillo
      > will address this very issue to a
      > national audience as the keynote speaker for the American Indian
      > Business Tradeshow on
      > March 1 in California.
      > U S WEST's support of the new DIC program also underscores the
      > company's commitment to
      > diversity in its leadership, in the work place and in the
      > communities it serves. In fact, during
      > Trujillo's tenure as CEO, the company has received national
      > recognition for its commitment to
      > diversity from the following organizations:
      > * Fortune Magazine - Named U S WEST the 14th 'Best Company in the
      > Nation for Asians,
      > Blacks and Hispanics,' and the fourth-best in the nation for
      > Hispanic employees. July 1999. *
      > Latina Style Magazine - Named U S WEST the 'Nation's Best Company
      > for Latina
      > Employees.' July 1999.
      > * Working Mother Magazine - Named U S WEST one of the nation's '100
      > Best Companies for
      > Working Mothers.' October 1999.
      > * The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) - Named U
      > S WEST one of
      > 'America's Top Corporations for Women's Business Enterprises.'
      > October 1999. In addition,
      > the U S WEST Foundation invests more than $22 million annually in
      > communities U S WEST
      > serves, in the areas of education, outreach to families and
      > children, support for small business
      > and technology training. More than 40 percent of the company's
      > corporate giving directly
      > impacts people of color.
      > The Denver Indian Center, Inc. (DIC) is a non-profit organization
      > that provides a wide array
      > of education and social services for clients including American
      > Indians and those living in
      > southwest Denver. The current programs include employment and
      > training, early childhood
      > education, and seniors, youth and emergency services. All programs
      > are open to the public
      > and are limited only by the guidelines of funders. The DIC is
      > governed by a board elected by
      > the membership. The DIC has been located in southwest Denver since
      > 1983, providing
      > services and the community a place to gather and have fun. The DIC
      > is a gathering place for
      > youth and elders.
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