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Restorative Justice Meetings Between Crime Victims and Offenders

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    Restorative Justice Meetings Between Victims and Offenders RESTORATIVE PRACTICES eFORUM ============================================================= UK Study
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      Restorative Justice Meetings Between Victims and Offenders


      UK Study Shows Majority of Crime Victims Reject Idea of Prison and Favor
      Restorative Justice Meetings Between Victims and Offenders

      A new survey in the United Kingdom shows that nearly two-thirds of
      crime victims believe that prison sentences don't prevent reoffending.
      More than half favor face-to-face meetings between victims and
      offenders, so victims can relate the impact of the crime and offenders
      can take responsibility and make amends.

      The survey, commissioned by two UK organizations, Victim Support, which
      helps crime victims, and SmartJustice, a crime-prevention "think tank,"
      and performed by ICM Research, polled a random sample of 991 adult
      victims of crime.

      IIRP director of research Paul McCold commented, "the survey confirms
      that crime victims are not especially punitive and the majority believe
      that restorative justice is in their interest."

      To read Victim Support's report, please go to:

      To read coverage in the UK newspaper, The Guardian, please go to:

      To see the survey results, please go to:

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