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"Black Hills gold" sitting in Ft. Knox

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  • ghwelker
    Poor Iraqis (Iraq Poetry - should Be Sung To Star Spangled Banner Melody) The poor Iraqi citizenry of the far away desert. As an Indigenous Red DaNakota
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2004
      Poor Iraqis

      (Iraq Poetry - should Be Sung To Star Spangled Banner Melody)

      The poor Iraqi citizenry of the far away desert. As an Indigenous Red
      DaNakota person, I can understand what they are going through. The
      world wants their oil, just as u.s. government officials wanted
      Lakota gold 130 years ago in the area today called the "Black Hills."

      I see the lives of the Iraqi families shattered, with very few
      embracing' the "western way". It's too bad, the days of the "stay-
      at-home-mom" are coming to an end for them, drifting steadily away
      from their grip.

      I remember growing up and being so fortunate to have my own mother at
      home to cook, clean and care for us kids while my dad worked and
      supported us all at his now-defunct "meat packing union" job. (She
      didn't have to wear a mini skirt, high heels, have her breasts
      enlarged, wear make-up or have "tattoos" either! Look out Iraq!)

      Today in Iraq the u.s. government seems to be trying to import the
      loss of family structure' to those who have maintained some semblance
      of the family unit and purpose â€" while exporting Iraqi oil back to
      New York and L.A.

      I recently visited with a returning soldier who is a friend of the
      family and on break from his "duties" in Iraq. I asked him what the
      other soldiers felt about the "Abu Ghraib" prison murders, torture,
      sexual assaults and rape committed by u.s. soldiers against the Iraqi
      prisoners. He said that his fellow soldiers thought that it was
      really no big deal and shouldn't have even been an issue. I told him
      jokingly "Yeah, if we Nakotas ever catch a u.s. soldier on the
      reservation, we might just stick a refrigerator up their butts for
      the fun of it (or at least an electric stove)." He didn't seem to

      Later, I viewed a picture on national news which has been circulating
      on the internet which was secretly downloaded form a military
      aircraft. It showed a group of about fifty Iraqi citizens walking in
      a bunch down the street unknowing that a military plan had them in
      their sights, ready to drop a 500 pound bomb on their heads (without
      even knowing if those below were "insurgents"). Assuming the group
      were resistors, the bomber was ordered to fire and the video shows
      the group being blown to smithereens as the pilot says "Awesome,

      This type of sick bombing and verbal responses is probably why many
      people around the world do not like the "cowboy, racist, redneck"
      mentality of u.s. troops and government leaders. I suppose the fact
      that the u.s. is always "freeing" some other country that also
      happens to have a lot of resources makes them unpopular, too (the
      price of "democracy").

      Although Bush tries to dissuade Kerry from questioning or "sending
      mixed messages" to other countries or to the soldiers about certain
      aspects of the so-called "war" (a "war" - what a joke), even Kerry
      himself fails to point out that in a true "democracy", there is
      difference of opinion. In a dictatorship, you cannot question the
      misdeeds of your king. Both candidates if elected plan on occupying
      Iraq for at least four more years of black gold extraction.

      Of course in america today, with this new kind of "war", civil
      liberties and some rights may have to be relinquished or put on hold'
      while americans protect themselves from the boogie-man
      called "terrorist" (hey, they captured "Cat Stevens").

      Some would wager that until all the oil reserves are
      totally "liberated" from Iraqi oil wells, the children there will be
      sent off each day to "school" or to the ever-unsanitary "day-care
      systems" so that both parents are 'free to slave away' each day at
      low-paying, low benefit jobs - still barely making ends meet.

      And for what reason does Iraq have to "be like america?" Simply so
      that the big oil corporations and military complex can increase their
      profit margins and people can drive their SUV's here in the u.s. â€"
      yet pay ever-rising prices at the gas pumps. It's too bad americans
      can't walk to work or school anymore in this safe, free, sober
      society (the envy of the world). Oh yeah, remember it is not the
      foreign policies of the u.s. government the world doesn't like â€"
      it's the u.s. being so darn free that makes them so crazy. But if the
      american military is to be used as the oil company's private
      mercenary force at u.s. taxpayer expense and going around "freeing"
      oil from the tiny, weak, non-protected countries of the world, one
      would think gas prices would come down at least little bit back at
      home. That shows the dedication for middle class americans â€" maybe
      someday they'll be rich and be able to take advantage of corporate
      tax loopholes and government favors, better not change the system.

      And of course next I suppose 'alcohol' and other such mind-altering
      drugs will be infused into the "new Iraq democracy" the freedom to
      drink, as it is so ingrained with americans (and don't blame the

      The nation of Iraq is now facing a great dilemma, which is why the
      resistors are speaking loudly through action. Bombing their
      neighborhoods into submission is normally employed by u.s. military
      strategists at this time. It is unfortunate that Iraq must "join the
      club." The exact same thing happened to the Nakota here. Destruction
      of family-based life and the ongoing process to deny rights and
      nationhood to families too weak to resist the powerful weapons of
      mass destruction that hold them hostage for the resources beneath
      them. Where are the religions and churches when you need them.

      The Nakota Nation has billions of dollars in coal illegally scraped
      from their 1851 Homelands each year without one drop of "payment"
      plus $9 trillion in "Black Hills gold" sitting in Ft. Knox yet the
      Nakota are one of the most impoverished peoples in the world. Is
      this the future that awaits the Iraqi family - this tragedy
      called "the american way."

      From: Treaty1851@...
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