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Re: [indie-netgaming] Re: Marco's Sorceror Game

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  • Robert McNamee
    I ll probably lurk on the Sorceror game.Bob McNamee jagsgame wrote:I like the tension idea (and I do like the idea of well spoken or at
    Message 1 of 62 , Apr 14, 2003
      I'll probably lurk on the Sorceror game.
      Bob McNamee

      jagsgame <jagsgame@...> wrote:
      I like the tension idea (and I do like the idea of well spoken or at
      least intellectually engaging demons--but I still haven't read the
      rules so I'm not, y'know, really sold on anything yet).

      I think Mike was probably the second guy to jump in.

      In terms of modern day, I think of modern as "more or less today"
      (i.e. from the 80's to 2010). YMMV. Like I said, I'm easy--Raven,
      what are you most excited about?


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    • Mike Holmes
      Uh, damnit, it doesn t fit. I ve been trying to wedge this character concept into something for so long that I ve messed up with the details. Hmmm. OK, here s
      Message 62 of 62 , May 12, 2003
        Uh, damnit, it doesn't fit. I've been trying to wedge this character concept
        into something for so long that I've messed up with the details. Hmmm. OK,
        here's the mod.

        My character doesn't change that much, except to note that there is a being
        in the deeps of the primal wood that is the center of it. It's a sorta
        treelike thing, but with tentacles. Imagine Shub-Nigurath, except rooted to
        the spot, and with it's "roots" (underground tentacles), reaching all
        througout the Primal Wood. As such, it "sponsors" the supposed
        spirit-binding rituals. But the forms that the bindings endow upon the
        person involved with the ritual are not really animal forms. Though the Wood
        Tribe thinks that they are binding with animals, they are actually binding
        with monsterous warped versions of the animals as concieved of by the "thing
        at the center". So while the shapeshifting makes the sorcerer look a bit
        like a wolf or whatever animal, it also lends that "Cthuliod" look a bit as
        well. Not tentacaly or anything, but definitely like something more than
        just a wolf/man combination. Spikey, slimey and crusty all at the same time,
        though still vaguely wolfy in my character's case.

        Anyhow, the look of the transformation is enough like an animal, that this
        is what the Wood Tribe believes happens. But in actuality the form taken by
        those that bind the spawn demons of the "thing at the center", is something
        that's actually wholley unnatural.

        The Woods Tribe is aware of the "thing at the center" and worship it at
        little. That is, they worship it as part of the Primal Wood as a whole. They
        see it as sort of the spirit of the Primal Wood.

        As for the demons summoned by The Flame, think more Hastur. The firey
        creatures that are summined are thought by this cult to wield the flame of
        heaven. The creature of the Forge that his brother has summoned is a
        mindless beast of fire that seeks to consume. And it would love to burn the
        Primal Wood, thus continuing some beyond ancient war between the forces of
        the fire, and reproduction.

        Is that better?


        >From: "the GreyOrm" <greyorm@...>
        >How does this tie into the Lovecraft/Cthulhu theme?
        >That's the only problem I see with it -- otherwise it is a perfect fit for
        >the visceral/primal idea we started with.
        >I really need to hear back from you about when you'll be ready. I don't
        >to devote any additional time to this unless I know I definitely have a
        >couple players.
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