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Re: Diplomacy game!

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  • Alexander Cherry
    YES! If this starts, email diplomacy@twistedconfessions.com as that s what I had set up for the Colonial game.
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      If this starts, email diplomacy@... as that's what I had set up for the Colonial game.

      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "Joshua Kashinsky" <suffusionofyellow@...> wrote:
      > I have a desire to launch a PBEM Diplomacy game using the Deluge II rules. Relevant Links:
      > http://www.diplom.org/Online/variants/deluge-II.html
      > http://www.maproom.co.uk/maps/deluge/deluge.html
      > http://www.variantbank.org/results/rules/a/AFrules.htm
      > Unlike your typical Diplomacy game, this variant ends in 1908, so your time commitment is shorter than many other games. I would prefer to adjudicate and not play as it would simplify things, but if we don't get enough responses I may end up playing as well. I would prefer weekish long turns (5 days for movement, 2 for retreat, another 1 for builds) which would allow us to be done in about four months. If this is overly aggressive, we can start with two week turns and see how things go from there.
      > -Josh
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