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New here, wanted to say hi and mention the game I'm designing.

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    Hi everyone! My name is James, and I m new here. I ve been looking for forums that cater to people who are into games that aren t mainstream. I ve actually
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2008
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      Hi everyone!

      My name is James, and I'm new here. I've been looking for forums that
      cater to people who are into games that aren't mainstream. I've
      actually been working on my own FUDGE-based Sword & Sorcery game,
      called "Blood, Sweat & Steel". I'm nearly finished with it, and we've
      been doing some playtesting with some one-shot adventures. I'd love
      to find a few more people interested in kicking the tires a bit with us.

      We use Skype for voice chat, and a program called MapTools as our
      virtual tabletop. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to send you
      everything you need to join us and have some fun. So far, I have a
      nearly complete rules PDF, and editable character sheet PDF, and a
      Character Creation Guide PDF.

      For those familiar with FUDGE, here are some of the highlights of the

      * Ladder is Legendary (+4) to Abysmal (-4)

      * Attributes are Agility, Health, Perception, Reasoning, Reflexes,
      Strength, and Willpower.

      * System uses Gifts & Faults

      * Combat uses Simultaneous Rounds, Combat Stances, detailed weapons,
      and a non-linear wounding system.

      * Magic system is a free-form system that is a blend of the 4-by-5
      FUDGE magic system and FATE's "Door to Shadow" magic system, combined
      with my own additions to give it a S&S feel.

      * FUDGE points are separated into 3 different types, Blood Points,
      Sweat Points, and Steel Points. This adds a little strategy in
      managing FUDGE points and is a way to make a character more unique.

      Please feel free to respond here, or email me at:
      thelevitator@... if you'd like to join us and either observe or
      better, play. I'm happy to answer any questions. You can also find
      my on Skype. My Skype handle is: thelevitator.

      I'm looking forward to getting to know folks here and talk about
      gaming! :)
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