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RE: [indie-netgaming] Interest: Indie VOIP gaming? PrimeTime Adventures, Capes, Universalis and more possible...

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  • Benn
    So far I have myself and one other interested person - one or two more and we can do this! Anyone else interested in VOIP indie gaming? -Benn _____ From:
    Message 1 of 58 , Sep 18, 2006

      So far I have myself and one other interested person – one or two more and we can do this!  Anyone else interested in VOIP indie gaming?




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      Subject: [indie-netgaming] Interest: Indie VOIP gaming? PrimeTime Adventures, Capes , Universalis and more possible...

      OK, it looks like I will be testing the waters for a VOIP game.  I figure we will play once a week for 3-4 hours, possibly less, possibly more depending on schedules and whatnot.

      The games I am willing to make happen are Capes , PrimeTime Adventures, and Universalis.  Eventually, I would hope that we would try all three, and perhaps continue trying a new indie game every 2-4 months – unless we found a favorite. (If we play a game that requires a GM like PtA, I will volunteer, unless someone else wants that honor.)

      This would be a VOIP game – done in real time with all of us talking in a virtual face-to-face (voice-to-voice) gaming session.  There are many methods by which we can do this that I have been investigating.

      Many people have toll-free phone service.  I, for example, have Vonage, and can dial anywhere in the US , Canada , and Western Europe for free.  One method, if all the participants have similar calling plans, would be to simply use one of the free teleconferencing numbers (I have some) and set up a standard phone call with all 3-6 participants.  The down side is this would use your ordinary phone, and if you don’t want to hold your phone ofr several hours, a corded phone headset (such as a plantronics for 20$) can be handy.  The upside is its older established tech and with a mobile phone (not cell phone, but mobile phone) you can wander your house while playing – you are not tied to the desk.

      Or we can use the internet.  With Skype I seem to be able to do a multi party voice chat with up to 5 people in it (including me.)  If we have more than 5 people, we can use the teleconference edition of Skype (which I have and can share.)  The teleconference edition of Skype will also let people calling in on regular phones join in – so some of the players could be in front of their computer, wearing a headset plugged into that computer while others sould be dialed into the teleconference server on their own plain old phone line.

      We also can use Teamspeak or Ventrillo.  I have access to both kinds of servers.  The voice quality of Skype is quite a bit better IMO, though.  But we have options.

      I should also mention that the use of a microphone headset is pretty important.  If someone uses a non headset microphone and speakers, that can create a really annoying echo for everyone else as the microphone picks up what comes out of the speakers.  But headsets are extremely cheap, costing less than most RPGs, easy to use, comfy, and work with either phone or computer.

      The only other technical hurdle would be the dicing method – how to roll dice in a public way so that everyone can see what is rolled.  I have only cursorily investigated this, but it seems that they are many solutions available.

      The only real issue, finally, is the big one – scheduling.  First off, as the organizer of this I am going to ask if it’s ok if it’s ok if we talk in terms of Eastern Time Zone?  Each of you can translate that into whatever native time zone you are in.

      I would like to hear from each person interested in doing this.

      First, please say what time zone you are in, and what times (either in Eastern Time or your local time, please specify) and on what days you would be available to game.  We are talking about a block of time probably not less than 2.5 hours, possibly more.  If you can name three (or at least two) different time blocks or more, then we can see if we have enough people with enough overlap to do this.

      Also, if you have a phone plan that allows you to call the United States toll-free, please mention that, along with your preference for either phone or computer based communications.

      Finally, please include what games you are interested in playing, Capes , Prime Time Adventures, Universalis, or something else.

      Hopefully we will have enough flexible people to get a weekly game going with 3-6 players.



      PS. As a self-employed computer consultant, I have a lot of flexibility, so count me in. ;)

    • Martin Ahnelöv
      Hi. I ve emailed the answers to you. Ok, I d like to give you a point of view on choosing a gamingtable. I can t really say anything about the last two,
      Message 58 of 58 , Sep 28, 2006
        Hi. I've emailed the answers to you.

        Ok, I'd like to give you a point of view on choosing a gamingtable.

        I can't really say anything about the last two, non-free, softwares (Just
        don't pick the win-only!! I can't even play 3D!), but looka at it this way:
        That little indie-software ... it would be pretty easy to get him to develop
        some features that we need. We just need to convince him that 1) we are a
        bunch of guys who want to use his software regulary, and we'll get more
        people to do so, too, and 2) there isn't any other indie-friendly RPG-tables
        out there. No competition.

        >From: "Benn" <benn@...>
        >Reply-To: indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com
        >To: <indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com>
        >Subject: RE: [indie-netgaming] Re: Interest: Indie VOIP gaming?
        >Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 09:46:02 -0400
        >Thanks, Rob, Graham, and Jim. Waiting to hear from Martin, Dave, Raven,
        >Jason. Also, I have been investigating technology for running the game.
        >While we will be supplying our own VOIP (with Skype, Gizmo, Teamspeak, or
        >Ventrillo), we will be using some kind of virtual game table technology for
        >displaying whatever we would have on the virtual table between us
        >sheets, resource, etc) and die rolling (or card pulling). Here is what I
        >have narrowed it down to:
        >-Pros: Free. Java based - runs on any system, Mac, Windows, Linux. Makes
        >no assumptions.
        >-Cons: VERY crude and extremely limited feature set.
        >-Thoughts: We could possibly use this for a simple game like PrimeTime
        >Adventures - it would be a truggle to get this to work with something more
        >complex like Capes.
        >-Pros: Also Java based and runs on any system. Highly polished and slick
        >product with tons of features. Also very extendable and extensible. Four
        >years of development. Conversions to many rpg's have already been done and
        >forum exists to swap these conversions.
        >-Cons: Like most professional virtual game table, it starts out heavily map
        >based, requiring some effort to set up for a non traditional game. Also, is
        >not free. Cost is however only $15 per player (with the GM (myself) paying
        >-Thoughts: I am very interested in this product - enough so to perhaps
        >out around $100 to get enough licenses to use this system with up to 6
        >people. Their unique floating license system would allow me to "host"
        >licenses for my players to borrow when they connect to me.
        >Fantasy Grounds
        >-Pros: Perhaps the most polished and slick implementation of a virtual game
        >table - to the point that you can grab dice on the screen and roll them,
        >watching them tumble and bounce. It simply a stunning and beautiful
        >interface. Advanced scripting soon to be available for even more
        >-Cons: Windows XP/2000 *only*. *Heavily* supports d20 systems out of the
        >box, but apparently customizable. Not free - roughly the same cost as
        >Klooge, once discounts are figured into it.
        >-Thoughts: I am also quite interested in this product as well.
        >I have already downloaded, installed, and played with Gametable, hoping to
        >look no farther, but while it is free, a very good thing, it is very
        >limited, a very not good thing.
        >I will be downloading and playing with the free demo versions of Klooge and
        >Fantasy Grounds. I encourage anyone else thinking of taking part to do the
        >same, if you like. I will let you know what I discover.
        >So that's where we are. The next thing I need from you guys is the 7 part
        >questionnaire below replied to by Martin, Dave, Raven, and Jason.
        >-Benn Grant

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