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Interest: Universalis?

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  • thricedamnedgorol
    Hi there; new to the list. I ve been absolutely dying to play Universalis, and wondered if anyone else has been feeling the same, lately? I d like to gauge
    Message 1 of 58 , Sep 14, 2006
      Hi there; new to the list. I've been absolutely dying to play
      Universalis, and wondered if anyone else has been feeling the same,

      I'd like to gauge interest for a play by email game, something with a
      scifi and/or fantasy vibe. The game would be finite and fast paced--
      players would be expected to post many times per week. The game would
      be set for a definitive limit, either a time limit (X number of months)
      or a scene limit.
      I've tried to play PBeM RPGs in the past, and they've always pittered
      out. That's why we'll set a definitive time limit, and that's why I'm
      asking only people who can commit to multiple posts per week to apply.
      I'm narrowing the number of candidates, I know, but I'd rather have
      only two other people play and be commited, than have six players who
      post when they feel like it or lose interest midway through.

      So, all that said, do I have any takers?

    • Martin Ahnelöv
      Hi. I ve emailed the answers to you. Ok, I d like to give you a point of view on choosing a gamingtable. I can t really say anything about the last two,
      Message 58 of 58 , Sep 28, 2006
        Hi. I've emailed the answers to you.

        Ok, I'd like to give you a point of view on choosing a gamingtable.

        I can't really say anything about the last two, non-free, softwares (Just
        don't pick the win-only!! I can't even play 3D!), but looka at it this way:
        That little indie-software ... it would be pretty easy to get him to develop
        some features that we need. We just need to convince him that 1) we are a
        bunch of guys who want to use his software regulary, and we'll get more
        people to do so, too, and 2) there isn't any other indie-friendly RPG-tables
        out there. No competition.

        >From: "Benn" <benn@...>
        >Reply-To: indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com
        >To: <indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com>
        >Subject: RE: [indie-netgaming] Re: Interest: Indie VOIP gaming?
        >Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 09:46:02 -0400
        >Thanks, Rob, Graham, and Jim. Waiting to hear from Martin, Dave, Raven,
        >Jason. Also, I have been investigating technology for running the game.
        >While we will be supplying our own VOIP (with Skype, Gizmo, Teamspeak, or
        >Ventrillo), we will be using some kind of virtual game table technology for
        >displaying whatever we would have on the virtual table between us
        >sheets, resource, etc) and die rolling (or card pulling). Here is what I
        >have narrowed it down to:
        >-Pros: Free. Java based - runs on any system, Mac, Windows, Linux. Makes
        >no assumptions.
        >-Cons: VERY crude and extremely limited feature set.
        >-Thoughts: We could possibly use this for a simple game like PrimeTime
        >Adventures - it would be a truggle to get this to work with something more
        >complex like Capes.
        >-Pros: Also Java based and runs on any system. Highly polished and slick
        >product with tons of features. Also very extendable and extensible. Four
        >years of development. Conversions to many rpg's have already been done and
        >forum exists to swap these conversions.
        >-Cons: Like most professional virtual game table, it starts out heavily map
        >based, requiring some effort to set up for a non traditional game. Also, is
        >not free. Cost is however only $15 per player (with the GM (myself) paying
        >-Thoughts: I am very interested in this product - enough so to perhaps
        >out around $100 to get enough licenses to use this system with up to 6
        >people. Their unique floating license system would allow me to "host"
        >licenses for my players to borrow when they connect to me.
        >Fantasy Grounds
        >-Pros: Perhaps the most polished and slick implementation of a virtual game
        >table - to the point that you can grab dice on the screen and roll them,
        >watching them tumble and bounce. It simply a stunning and beautiful
        >interface. Advanced scripting soon to be available for even more
        >-Cons: Windows XP/2000 *only*. *Heavily* supports d20 systems out of the
        >box, but apparently customizable. Not free - roughly the same cost as
        >Klooge, once discounts are figured into it.
        >-Thoughts: I am also quite interested in this product as well.
        >I have already downloaded, installed, and played with Gametable, hoping to
        >look no farther, but while it is free, a very good thing, it is very
        >limited, a very not good thing.
        >I will be downloading and playing with the free demo versions of Klooge and
        >Fantasy Grounds. I encourage anyone else thinking of taking part to do the
        >same, if you like. I will let you know what I discover.
        >So that's where we are. The next thing I need from you guys is the 7 part
        >questionnaire below replied to by Martin, Dave, Raven, and Jason.
        >-Benn Grant

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