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Re: [indie-netgaming] Re: New Indie-netgaming Forum

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  • Nick Moffitt
    ... Well, I ran a BBS on mod_virgule (the software Advogato.org uses) for some time, and there s still one running on http://bbs.tastytronic.net if you re
    Message 1 of 14 , Mar 7, 2005
      samachadreal quotation:
      > Is there another [program] which might work that you know of? I'd be
      > happy to find an even better solution.

      Well, I ran a BBS on mod_virgule (the software Advogato.org
      uses) for some time, and there's still one running on
      http://bbs.tastytronic.net if you're curious. It gets the message
      pointers right and even has a simple "next thread with new messages
      please" button available right where you'd want it, along with a
      message entry box already visible just where your new message will
      appear. It's that sort of UI that takes some of the sting out of web

      But as for a good program that would help the community out?
      Well I applaud the use of wikis for some of the encyclopaedic
      knowledge that the community comes up with. CRN has a few papers up
      on the forge in a special section that sound like they're begging to
      be used as the seeds for a wiki. Personally, however, I think that
      some sort of RSS aggregator site would be an excellent next step,
      using something such as planet <http://planetplanet.org/>.

      > Or do you simply not want things here to change because they work
      > satisfactorily? I respect that.

      I think that yahoo groups are not the best mailing list
      provider out there, but I think that an e-mail list is great for
      announcements and discussion in a way that I can pop through my sorted
      mailboxes every so often and just catch up on everything that's
      happening. The information comes to me and it's all on my local
      network when I need it. I worry that splitting up a group into
      several web sites without any sort of focus or aggregation point will
      only serve as a distraction.

      > Nick, my radar may be off, but I'm feeling a little hostility in
      > your words. If I've offended, then I'm sorry, I certainly didn't
      > mean to.

      My frustration is with the authors of PHPBB more than anything
      else. Please don't take this as any sort of personal attack on you or
      an attempt to convince you not to contribute your services. I just
      cannot abide shoddy BBS interfaces.

      At any rate, I'm sure we've bored everyone to tears with all
      this. If you'd like to discuss the technical merits of server
      software, I'd be happy to chat in #indierpgs on the irc.magicstar.net
      network or in private e-mail.

      "These people program the way Victorians dress. Nick Moffitt
      It takes two hours and three assistants to put on your nick@...
      clothes, and you have to change before dinner.
      But everything is modular." -- Miles Nordin, on PAM
    • Mike Holmes
      ... Well, I think that the forum would be good for discussions, and that the list should remain for announcements. Since that s mostly what happens here now, I
      Message 2 of 14 , Mar 8, 2005
        >From: "Nathan E. Banks" <paganini@...>
        >Cool, Trevis! I like this a lot. I always think php forums are
        >preferable to Yahoo-email groups. I'm not gonna delete this group or
        >anything, but I think it would be cool if we all started a gradual
        >migration over there. I dunno what your server situation is like, but
        >servers do go down sometimes (even the Forge does... :) so I bet we
        >can just retain the Yahoo group as a fallback for emergencies.

        Well, I think that the forum would be good for discussions, and that the
        list should remain for announcements. Since that's mostly what happens here
        now, I think that we won't see a lot of drop off in volume here. What I'm
        hoping happens, is that the forum becomes a place to have more discussion
        about play and such. Stuff that doesn't happen here because, I think, people
        feel that they're crowding the channel if they discuss their gameplay here.

        So I think it's a logical split. Using the list for announcements makes
        sense, because they'll get to everyone on the list. Whereas discussions on
        the forum are basically subscribed to by participating or monitoring them.
        For example, people who want to see my chargen sessions could monitor them
        on the forum, and those not interested wouldn't have to worry about all that
        mail coming in like spam to their inboxes.

        I think it's the best of both worlds.

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