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Re: [indie-netgaming] Hero Quest

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  • Mike Holmes
    ... Or we can make something appropriate. You never have to simply accept a keyword as is, they re completely modifiable, and you can always make something up.
    Message 1 of 42 , Sep 3, 2004
      >From: Doyce <doyce.testerman@...>

      >Homeland: Rhiani
      >Occupation: either Hunter, provided the right skills are part of the
      >occupation set. If not, I'll find something appropriate.

      Or we can make something appropriate. You never have to simply accept a
      keyword as is, they're completely modifiable, and you can always make
      something up.

      >What I'm seeing is a member of a Cliff Digging caste -- a weird
      >combination base-divers and pearl divers who crawl willy-nilly over
      >the cliff faces below the city, 'mining' the cracks and crevices
      >... well, for something. Either (pretty neat) some naturally occuring
      >resource (golden whassit wren eggs, whatever) or (less glorious, more
      >street wastrel) the cast-away 'treasures' that cling to the cliffs
      >below the sewage run-off pipes from the city above.

      Nifty. I like this a lot. Some notes. The cliffs in question have not been
      established. What has been established in play is that the river is very
      calm and navigable along most of it's length. And that there's docks at
      Sherezak. Meaning that the cliffs can exist, they just have to be part of
      the established Plain Rim, I imagine, slightly north of the city. Basically,
      as you leave the city, there would be about a half-mile (this would be the
      shortest rout to the edge of the plain established) ramping up to where the
      river cuts through the rocks where your caste does it's thing. Would that
      work? It could even be visible from the city.

      >I need to get my
      >HQ books in front of me and figure out the particulars, but his
      >Climbing, Jump, Rope Throwing and Love of Heights would be quite high,
      >he'd really not be much of a horseman, something of a failure within
      >the family.

      Take the hunter keyword, and just start swapping inappropriate things out
      for the above to make these part of his keyword. As a citydweller,
      essentially, he doesn't have to be much of a horseman. Essentially, that's a
      different keyword, too. Only the actual plainsmen are great horsemen, to a

      >For added fun, depending on how you see this fitting,
      >this might be his 'legitimate' job, which he supplements with
      >occassional (or not so) second-story work inside the city.

      Cool. This could be his "special ability." That is, each character gets
      something in addition to the normal chargen. An additional "Burglar" keyword
      would count. If not, you can purchase these with your ten option slots. If
      that's the case, consider what the character's "special thing" is.

      So far, so good. After this is sorted out, the next thing to consider is
      what religion he follows. Worship of Cay, god of strength is by far the most
      common, but there are several other options locally, to say nothing of
      foreign religions or cults. Moreover, does he know magic at all?


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    • bigblackcatmail
      Talk about character creation day! Here s my proposal for Darkbabe. Let me know if it s ok or not. Thanks. Alicia Baines Number = 3 Fighting: 1-2 (Unarmed
      Message 42 of 42 , Sep 11, 2004
        Talk about character creation day! Here's my proposal for Darkbabe.
        Let me know if it's ok or not. Thanks.

        Alicia Baines

        Number = 3
        Fighting: 1-2 (Unarmed Combat)
        Magic: 4-10 (see below)
        Intrigue: 3-10 (??not sure what to put here??)

        Appearance: A 17-19 year old girl with curly blond hair that hangs
        down in her face. She wears a torn white gown and has a pair of
        leather bracers on her forearms which look like they could be (or
        were) attached to some chains in a dungeon of some sort.

        Alicia has burn scars on her arms, back and one along the side of her
        face. For some reason, the scars are not healing all that quickly.
        Other than that, she has the classic, all-american cheerleader look,
        albeit a little paler than usual.

        Backstory: (not sure if this is appropriate so stop me if I go too
        far) Alicia was abducted about 12 years ago and became the plaything
        of a group of very old vampires. After a significant time passed, she
        became a vampire herself. The VoV's were all she knew in her dungeon
        for about 10 years. Shortly after becoming a vampire, she awoke one
        night in a box placed in a warehouse in the city. She does not know
        why she was placed there if the VoVs set her free, moved away or if
        someone else took her and put her there. She's out for revenge though.
        She wants to make those VoV's and whoever was working with or for them
        pay for the decade of torture she was subjected to. She's a little
        warped from basically being locked in an S&M dungeon for the
        delight/entertainment/study (?) of this weird society of Elder
        vampires throughout the `90s but she picked up a little bit of ritual
        magic from her Elders and is now proceeding to "spit on their graves".

        Note on Magic: I wanted her specialty to be mind-affecting abilities.
        I guess the best way to put it would be a bit of Obfuscate with a bit
        of Dementation thrown in as well. No mind control or lie-detecting
        stuff. Just some cloaking/image altering stuff and the ability to
        cause very high, even paralyzing levels of fear in mortals (ala
        Nightmare) or whatnot. Think about the Hag sleeping syndrome and I
        think you'll get the picture…

        Is all that okay? Do you need anything else from me? I'd really like
        to join in this wednesday if that's cool with you.


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        > Wednesday, September 08, 2004, 8:46:28 AM, bigblackcatmail wrote:
        > Scott wrote:
        > b> I will. I don't check the list as often as I should. I would've
        > given
        > b> a toe to play in Nathan's Darkbabe game. But I missed it. Ugh.
        > Hey, it's not too late. We just finished the first adventure, so if
        > you want to join up, c'mon over. We'll be getting started on the next
        > adventure on Wednesday (not today, but next week, the 15th.)
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