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Hero Quest/Shadow World - Events

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  • Mike Holmes
    I m only going to recap recent events, in a general sense, for each PC. Some events are repeated from the perspective of the character in question. Aysha -
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 19, 2004
      I'm only going to recap recent events, in a general sense, for each PC. Some
      events are repeated from the perspective of the character in question.

      Aysha - After successfully summoning the River Demon of Sherezak in a bloody
      ritual that didn't go as well as planned (in the end Aysha had to appeal
      directly to her god to bind it), Aysha turned her attentions to trying to
      induct Serama into her cult. This was complicated by Serama being in a coma,
      and Marek arriving at the Lurid Eye camp the next day. Subsequently she
      ended up in a conflict with some of the tribe's riders of Cay (lead by
      Numiar) who figured out that one of her sacrifices the night before was
      their leader Moorak. Covered in blood of their dead adversaries, Aysha and
      Marek consummated their new relationship on the floor of her tent. That
      evening Lhan tried to get Serama back from Aysha, and as Aysha gave chase,
      she was met by not only Lhan, but a phantom woman in black. Drained by
      Lhan's amulet, Aysha told Marek to flee with Serama and Lhan, leaving her to
      have her body possessed by the woman in black. The River Demon returned at
      that point, and Aysha was able to command it to eat her, thus depriving the
      woman of her body at the cost of her own life.

      Elkaru � having spent the last few days beguiling married women, and running
      off with their things, Elkaru avoided one more jealous husband, to arrive at
      the Caravanserai with some loot. He discovered that people are fleeing the
      city, and he attempted to head back to the Lurid Eye camp. On the way, he
      ran into four of the Fire Snakes tribesmen who recognized him and chased him
      into a blind alley. He drew forth the Five Tongued Blade, which he�d stolen
      from the Fire Snakes (hence why the wanted him dead) and threatened to bring
      down a doom with it. Circumstances being just right, this caused the Fire
      Snakes to bow to him. He ordered them to flee and to tell their tribe to
      fear him. He then made his way to the secret hiding place of the worshipers
      of Inis, not long after Fahja and Rharohi had come there. The priestesses,
      put off by what Fahja had done, considered making a sacrifice of Elkaru
      given that he is a member of the Lurid Eye. He managed to use his strange
      charm to convince them to let him become a porter for them on their flight
      from the city. On the way out that night, the bats and demons arrived, and
      Elkaru accidentally killed a couple of the creatures with the Tongue, which
      is enchanted to kill demons. He came into possession of a very important
      enchanted head, just as the phantasmal woman in black arrives. She intended
      to kill him for what he�d done, but Regina made her spare Elkaru�s life.
      Elkaru then bargained from the woman in black a kiss (which almost killed
      him), before fleeing the city just as Rharohi and Fahja raced past out the
      gate. He fled to the Cave of the Stream, the bats being prevented from
      killing him by Regina�s bargain.

      Fahja Z'kir - attempted somewhat successfully to disrupt the River Demon
      summoning by leaping at the creature's eye with his sword newly obtained
      from his goddess (for acts of faith while imprisoned on the moon of Charon
      where he'd been sent by the sorcerer Porcaru), Fahja caused himself and the
      sorcerer to fall into the river. Subsequently retrieved by Thomas, Fahja
      lead Alitia, the woman of his dreams who'd scorned him earlier, back to he
      Lurid Eye camp. At the camp, Fahja had words with a Rider of Cay, and cut
      him down in cold blood - his only excuse being the need to get the tribe to
      move to the Caves of the Stream, to hide from the oncoming doom. He then
      accompanied Rharohi on a jaunt into the city presumably to get Rharohi's
      mother back (but moreso to because of his hate for her captors, the Green
      Moon tribe). In the city they stopped at a secret meeting place of the
      worshippers of Inis, who told them where they could find the Green Moon
      tribesmen. The priestesses asked Fahja if they could make a sacrifice of
      Rharohi, but Fahja cowed them brandishing the blade of his goddess, and they
      made their way from the lair. That evening Fahja distracted the Green Moon
      tribe taking them on almost single-handedly, ending many of their lives,
      while Rharohi entered the palace. In the end, badly wounded he rode with the
      others back to the Caves pursued by the curse of the bats.

      Lhan � Lhan, his zombie creation defeated by Thomas and Regina, fled to the
      desert once again. There he met the woman in black out on the arid plain,
      and she related her need for a body to him. He promised her, thinking her
      his deceased wife, that he would get the body of his daughter for her. That
      evening he snuck into the camp and tried to make off with Serama and was
      pursued by Aysha. Lhan's amulet struck down Aysha just as the woman in black
      appeared. At this point, Lhan's long bout of insanity faded (momentarily at
      least) and he had to decide whom to give to this malevolent entity that had
      come for a body. He forgave his daughter, asking for forgiveness, and
      offered Aysha to the black woman instead of his daughter. He then fled, lead
      by Marek, off into the plain to escape the oncoming curse with his daughter.

      Marek � following the trail of the demon along the river, out of Sherezak,
      Marek discovered the body of Porcaru the Sorcerer downstream. He slew the
      sorcerer, and took his crystal of power, and then followed the trail inland.
      He ended up at Aysha�s tent, the demon�s power still evident on her. There
      he accepts her proposal to leave Sherezak together, and made an oath to
      Aysha. Marek then participated in the slaying of Numiar to protect Aysha.
      Then, that night, he followed Aysha from the tent, only to find her drained
      by Lhan�s amulet. He tried to save Aysha, and argued to leave the others to
      the woman in black. But Aysha insisted that he follow his oath to her, and
      to take Serama to safety. Marek carried Serama and lead Lhan into the desert

      Regina � Regina cared for Suna, Famrah�s daughter after the young one saw
      the dead zombie in the street. She reassured Suna that Thomas will take care
      of them, and promised that he can do it. She then took to the air to patrol
      the city, waiting to report the nature of the doom to Thomas if she saw it
      approaching. She noted the bats and demons flying and tried to return to
      Thomas. But she became engaged with three Gogur demons, one carrying a
      yellow glowing head. Regina managed to down one, and the others follow.
      Fighting them off, one of the Gogur noted that Regina still wears Marek�s
      amulet from her episode with him where she took it as collateral for him to
      observer her dreams. The Gogur screamed, summoning the woman in black (who�d
      just been through her episode with Aysha, and was �freed� from Aysha�s body
      by the River Demon). To prevent Regina from fleeing with the amulet, the
      phantasmal woman bargained with Regina. Regina recently having gained some
      substantial insights about the bargaining process, used her newfound ability
      to manage to not only keep the amulet of Marek, but to convince the woman to
      spare her and anyone she named (giving the woman, instead, the water amulet
      she had obtained long, long ago fighting with Thomas). Regina went out of
      her way to mention that she�d like Aysha not to be spared, and in fact to
      get special treatment, only to learn of Aysha�s demise. She then asked for
      Rharohi, Thomas, Thomas� retinue, and Famrah�s family to be spared. (Of
      note, she did not ask for Marek, the Water Shaman, the merchant prince
      Soltah, or any other merchant acquaintances to be spared, nor any of the
      Lurid Eye for whom she had worked). This may have been because time was
      running out in the session, and if Dana wants to revise this list she can do
      so at her leisure). She then fled back to Thomas, and convinced him that it
      was futile to save all of the poor of Sherezak � leading him and the other
      she had bargained for from the city as people died all around them.

      Rharohi - Rharohi, after discovering the nature of the doom, and bringing
      the news back to the camp, argued with the elders about the best plan for
      facing it. He convinced them that he should perform his duty as a scout, and
      go looking for the source of the curse. Looking for Numiar, he saw Fahja
      slay the rider of Cay, and took part in helping organize the evacuation as
      he looked for Numiar. While engaged so, Kalek Sandrunner told him of his
      mother�s location with the Green Moon tribe somewhere inside the city. He
      rode to the city with Fahja and Kalek. While getting information from the
      priestess of Inis about where the Green Moon tribe is, and what they�re up
      to, she threatened to make a sacrifice of Rharohi, but they manage to get
      out, Fahja leading the way. They went to the palace of Soltah, where Rharohi
      had been two nights before with Regina and Marek. While Fahja created a
      distraction, Rharohi leapt to a balcony and passed inside. There he used his
      way with horses to create another distraction in the courtyard, and then
      lassoed the sacred �breathing� stone around which the Green Moon are having
      their ceremony. One of the Chieftains of the Green Moon (who Rharohi
      remembers seeing at the palace when he was there previously) came out
      holding a knife to his mother�s throat. Rharohi sacrificed the stone,
      throwing it at the man in order to save his mother. Taking advantage of the
      situation he managed to heroically charge the chieftain, and putting him off
      balance, retrieved the stone as well. Heading back to the street, Rharohi
      confronted the practitioner who was running the ceremony, and managed to
      defeat him by befriending the man�s powerful spirit (it headed off to the
      desert to meet Rharohi again some day). Rharohi then rescued Fahja and
      Kalek, and they ride off to the cave, with the Green Moon pursuing. They
      made it to the Cave of Streams just as the Green Moon were consumed by the
      plague of bats and demons.

      Thomas � Thomas, after sending Fahja back to the Lurid Eye camp with his
      beloved, Alitia, headed back to help the poor of Sherezak weather the doom
      (they having harbored him when he needed to hide from Aysha and other Rhiani
      elements). He then fended off Lhan and his zombie, and continues with his
      preparations. They manage to set up some magical defenses, but when the bats
      arrive, it becomes obvious that it�s far too little to stop such a force.
      When Regina arrives he concedes to his retainers wishes to leave the city,
      depressed as those he sought to protect die about him.

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    • Loki
      That reminds me, Mike, those two things I cemented -- the scary rep with the Fir Snakes and the kiss of the demon queen -- what level do they start at? 13? 7?
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 19, 2004
        That reminds me, Mike, those two things I cemented -- the scary rep with
        the Fir Snakes and the kiss of the demon queen -- what level do they start
        at? 13? 7? I don't have my copy of Heroquest handy at the moment...

        Kirt "Loki" Dankmyer -- yet another homepage at http://www.io.com/~xiombarg
        My opinions are my own. PGP public key available. Surreal poetry on request.
        "I waked, she fled, and day brought back my night." --Milton
      • Mike Holmes
        ... Yep, 13. Actually, I like the kiss so much that let s make it a 17. Basically, you could have saved a lot of people s lives, or done all sorts of really
        Message 3 of 3 , Jul 19, 2004
          >From: Loki <xiombarg@...>
          >That reminds me, Mike, those two things I cemented -- the scary rep with
          >the Fir Snakes and the kiss of the demon queen -- what level do they start
          >at? 13? 7? I don't have my copy of Heroquest handy at the moment...

          Yep, 13. Actually, I like the kiss so much that let's make it a 17.
          Basically, you could have saved a lot of people's lives, or done all sorts
          of really potent stuff. So this should be potent in excahange for not doing

          I'm looking forward to the possibility that your character becomes one of
          those heroes who's actually a coward. OTOH, you could spend a point on
          eliminating your Coward flaw (it's at 13, right?). If you feel that he's
          becoming a real hero.


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