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  • indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 7, 2010
      This is the bi-weekly indie-netgaming newsletter.

      It is sent every two weeks, and at the beginning of every month, to let you know what is going on with indie-netgaming. It is recommended that you post and read the mailing list as a more current, and consistently faster, method of keeping track. If you have a fairly long-term announcement though, email me (lxndrc@...) and I'll add it here.

      <b>Changes to the mailing list only occur via email to lxndrc@...</b>. Telling Lxndr in IRC or the Foundry will not result in changes to the newsletter. Please, if you notice a game that you know to have moved or ended, or if you know of a game that is happening that isn't on this list, send a notification via email.


      Give me your name or preferred alias, a time (with time zone), a short blurb on what game you're interested in arranging, and I'll assume you're intending to take the GM-role if one exists and you don't specify otherwise.


      note: unless otherwise stated, these games all allow lurkers

      * http://rpg.wheelerspace.com is hosting a play-by-post rpg using the FATE rules, and set in the Rifts megaverse.



      !!! - IRC (Evenings) - Pickup Mondays! Pickup Mondays are a wonderful opportunity to try out that cool, simple game you've had on your shelf or to get one of your boring D&D friends into an indie game. Come on down and join whoever else is interested in playing whatever.


      * Currently, nothing is known to be happening on Tuesday


      * Currently, nothing is known to be happening on Wednesday


      !!! - HEROQUEST IRC - The Beginning of Time
      Mike Holmes used to run a HeroQuest game every Thursday night at 2100 EDT, except the last Thursday of each month. Lurkers were not allowed, but everyone was invited to join in the game. See this link for more details: http://random.average-bear.com/ShadowWorld/HomePage. This game is currently defunct.


      * Currently, nothing is known to be happening on Friday


      * Currently, nothing is known to be happening on Saturday


      * Currently, nothing is known to be happening on Sunday


      The Indie-Netgaming MAILING LIST serves two primary purposes.

      1. You can use it to find people to play cool games. I'm not going to slap you for trying to find players for, like, D&D, but I think you'd be doing yourself a disservice, because the group is INTENDED as a forum to bring about play of indie games, and you'd be squandering an opportunity to play games that have a smaller audience.

      2. Yahoogroups gives us an amount of storage space that we can use to distribute files relevant to these games.

      There are other things the group does, too. The IRC channel is something like a venue for socialising; there are usually people around to gossip with. We also pull together pickup games, on occasion, and strongly encourage that behavior, with candycanes! IRC is probably the most common of Indie Net-gaming's actual play venues. There are three IRC rooms associated with the Indie Net- gaming group. All three are on the MagicStar IRC network. Please connect using the server "linuxguy.magicstar.net" - having everyone connected to the same server avoids netsplit problems.

      The three channels are #indierpgs (general group socialization), #indie_ooc (actual play OOC discussion room), and #indie_nar (actual play narration room). While I did just recommend pulling together pickup games, please don't repeatedly bug people about playing something in particular if interest doesn't catch, and try and be a good neighbor! Hang out some and get to know the regulars before you push a game on them, they're more susceptible that way. (Or less, I guess, depending on how well you get along.)

      There is no standard policy when it comes to starting up a game. Organizing actual play is a matter of a group member first deciding he wants to play something in particular, then generating sufficient interest that he's able to hook in enough other group members to play.

      When referring to a game that you are running, recruiting for, or working on, please include a link to either the documentation for the game or a description of it. This will help curb excessive posts of the nature "Sounds interesting, what's that"?

      Notice to members of Indie Netgaming:

      Due to the growing numbers of regular participants in #indierpgs we find ourselves in need of an updated content policy. Here it is:

      "Don't be annoying."

      This policy will be enforced by you, the members of Indie Netgaming! If someone is annoying you, complain about it! The ops don't use their power in their own interests, but they will use it in yours! This part of this announcement is full of exclamation points!

      Anyway, the correct procedure for lodging a complaint is to do it in private to the ops (those are the ones with "@" symbols next to their names, in case you are new to IRC). Please send your complaint to ALL of the ops you see. Several of us connect from different accounts, so it is not always obvious which account we are currently watching.

      If an op gets enough complaints (that is, three or more) that he considers valid about a particular chatter or conversation, he will send a PM warning to the appropriate people (he may instead make a general announcement first, as in "hey guys, please move this conversation to another channel"). If the annoyance persists after the warning is recieved, the op is authorized to kick and/or ban the annoyance.

      That is all.
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