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4744Re: Looking for games this summer

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  • John
    Jul 6, 2007
      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "Jan-Christophe Hoogendoorn"
      <jan-christophe.hoogendoorn@...> wrote:
      > OK, as far as timezones are concerned, we have:
      > - John: GMT-7 (because of DST)
      So... 5pm for me == midnight GMT?

      > my next free slot is saturday the 7th of July
      > who's available on that day, and what are your
      > time constraints?
      I'm available. I'm taking my daughter to the airport in the morning,
      so the absolute earliest for me is 10am my time (5pm GMT). In
      general I'd be free earlier. I'm free until 4pm PDT/11pm GMT,
      preferably a little before that.

      Problem with Saturday is, at least once a month I have a meeting that
      will pull me away. This month that meeting is on the 14th.

      > as far as games are concerned, here's what people
      > know/have:
      > - John: Dogs, Polaris
      I can try running Dogs. I'd prefer to play, though.

      > as I've mentionned, I'm a beginner, and I don't
      > feel capable of explaining or running the games I
      > have to someone who's unfamiliar with them
      I DO have a lot of experience explaining stuff. But it's time

      > as far as the medium of communication is
      > concerned, Filip suggested Skype and Gametable
      > I have zero experience with online gaming, so I'll
      > happily take your advice, Filip :)
      I prefer IRC. I haven't used any voice stuff in years, but I found
      it to be very confusing, so many voices done remotely. I would lose
      track of who was talking.

      I've used IRC for years. It's slow compared to face-to-face, but
      less confusing than faceless voices.

      Good ol' IRC, that's for me.

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