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4742Re: Looking for games this summer

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  • filip_luszczyk
    Jul 4, 2007
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      I'm fine with the Saturday, and I'm rather flexible - although I'd
      prefer (European) late afternoon or evening.

      I'd rather play than run the game, as I'm not confident enough in my
      Engrish to GM ;)

      Capes is GM-less, so there's no problem with running it ;) The rules
      are rather complex, and the best explanation is, I think, the Flash
      demo on the site that shows most of the game in action (otherwise, I'm
      not sure if I can do a good job in explaining everything from scratch
      myself, especially online). Also, the lite version includes the most
      important rules and is free.

      As for the medium, I think Skype works well for small groups - with 2
      players + GM we've been playing comfortably, with 3 players + GM some
      communication problems started to occur (and I have no experience with
      more than 3 players + GM on Skype). If there's more than four of us
      altogether, IRC might be a better choice than voice chat (but then,
      IRC sessions are very slow, so we won't do too much). Either way, the
      size of the group dictates the choice of system to some extent. DitV
      might not work well with more than 3 players + GM. Capes requires at
      least 3 players - but with more than 4 it might be laggish (I've been
      playing in 5-player IRC sessions, and we had roughly one scene per 4-5
      hours of play).



      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "Jan-Christophe Hoogendoorn"
      <jan-christophe.hoogendoorn@...> wrote:
      > OK, as far as timezones are concerned, we have:
      > - John: GMT-7 (because of DST)
      > - Develop: GMT-5 (including DST?)
      > - Graham: GMT+1 (because of DST)
      > - hoog: GMT+2 (because of DST)
      > - Filip: GMT+2 (because of DST)
      > my next free slot is saturday the 7th of July
      > who's available on that day, and what are your
      > time constraints?
      > as far as games are concerned, here's what people
      > know/have:
      > - John: Dogs, Polaris
      > - Develop: Pulp 45, Gaslight
      > - Graham: Roach, Dogs, Contenders
      > - hoog: The Mountain Witch, Dogs in the Vineyard,
      > The Shab-al-Hiri Roach, Polaris, Cold City,
      > Sorcerer, Contenders, Carry
      > - Filip: DitV, Capes, Fastlane, Mortal Coil,
      > Hero's Banner, Nine Worlds, With Great Power
      > as I've mentionned, I'm a beginner, and I don't
      > feel capable of explaining or running the games I
      > have to someone who's unfamiliar with them
      > I tried doing that with my usual bunch of players,
      > and it didn't work out too good (and that was face
      > to face, where they could read the book
      > themselves)
      > but that's just me
      > maybe (just a random example) Filip feels
      > confident he can run/explain Capes to the rest of
      > us
      > how do you guys feel about this?
      > if we do go with playing something everybody has
      > or knows, that seems to be DITV
      > in that case, Develop: either someone can explain
      > the game to you, or you'll have to get yourself a
      > copy (PDF?)
      > as far as the medium of communication is
      > concerned, Filip suggested Skype and Gametable
      > I have zero experience with online gaming, so I'll
      > happily take your advice, Filip :)
      > any other ideas?
      > cheers!
      > JC
      > PS: happy 4th of July to you, John ;)
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