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4734Re: [indie-netgaming] Looking for games this summer

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  • Graham Walmsley
    Jul 1, 2007
      I could do this! If you don't mind playing with a Brit.

      Any of those games sound interesting. The ones I'm familiar with are Roach, Dogs and Contenders.



      On 6/30/07, jchoogendoorn <jan-christophe.hoogendoorn@...> wrote:

      hi :)

      new guy here :)

      I'd like to play some nar games online this summer

      I got a bunch of them, but my regular crew aren't interested, and
      finding people to play them with this summer here in Paris is proving
      nigh impossible

      I'm very new to nar, but I'm interested, and I'd like to learn as
      much as I can during July-August

      these are the games I have, and am most interested in, but I'll play
      just about anything, as long as it teaches me something about nar :
      - The Mountain Witch
      - Dogs in the Vineyard
      - The Shab-al-Hiri Roach
      - Polaris
      - Cold City
      - Sorcerer
      - Contenders
      - Carry (currently on its way)

      as I said, I'm in Paris

      I also have regular working hours

      so I guess that means games would either have to be weekdays
      during "GMT evening", or weekends "GMT anytime"

      anybody up for it?



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