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4730Re: Looking for games this summer

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  • filip_luszczyk
    Jul 1, 2007
      > I haven't got Skype though: how much of a hassle
      > is it to get/buy/install/operate?

      It's free, and it can be downloaded from http://www.skype.com You need
      a microphone, obviously, but other than that it's rather simple. Skype
      is the only option for voice communication I have on linux anyway, at
      least if other people use Windows. In my online games, I'm also using
      Gametable (http://gametable.galactanet.com/) for dice and stuff, also
      free. Basically the only thing such sessions lack is face to face
      contact ;)

      > as far as the games are concerned, in this
      > particular case (playing online, with me a
      > beginner), I'm not sure it's a good idea to play
      > something not all the participants have read or
      > played before
      > so that would probably mean we go for DITV...
      > which is cool :)

      Cool ;)

      > I ditched ICQ for MSN some time ago, but I'll set
      > a new account up if necessary

      Ok, I've found some old, hardly ever used MSN account of mine and
      enabled it ;)

      So, you can contact me via MSN on dumdidum333@... (don't ask...)

      > so... if John and yourself are free, I guess we
      > could start planning something for saturday the
      > 7th of July

      Yeah, saturday should be fine - one of the players from my regular
      group is on a convention this weekend, so I'm free.
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