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4696Re: Starting New Burning Empires Game Online - Looking for Players

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  • Trickster
    Apr 1 6:01 AM
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      Are you still looking for players? I just joined the group and I'm
      interested. I have everything except OpenRPG and I've used it before
      but uninstalled it.

      --- In indie-netgaming@yahoogroups.com, "chumatus" <dd.gm@...> wrote:
      > Like the message topic indicates I'm looking for about three players
      > for a Burning Empires campaign that'll be played over the Internet
      > using Skype (VoIP) and OpenRPG (dice roller, mapping and so on).
      > Burning Empires ( http://www.burningempires.com) itself is a
      > narrativistic sci-fi roleplaying game written by Luke Crane from the
      > American indie gaming front and it concentrates on a struggle over the
      > fate of a planet against an invasion. The game supports the developing
      > plot with its mechanics and doesn't leave the results of the conflict
      > for GM fiat.
      > I'm planning the campaign to have at least weekly sessions, but
      > hopefully often and I estimate that the a single session should take
      > no more than six hours at a time and I'm hoping to cut that down
      > eventually when the players get more familiar with the system. The
      > game itself is suitable for network gaming because it doesn't require
      > the adventuring group cliche and supports a more nonlinear plot (not
      > unlike a book with several main characters whose stories are
      > intertwined). My accent is atrocious so I plan to communicate most of
      > the NPC comments through text but I plan to try to handle most rules
      > issues through speech.
      > You will need:
      > -A computer (Windows, Linux, Os X but enough performance for Skype)
      > -Your very own Burning Empires rulebook or a bought PDF
      > -Microphone (optional)
      > -Skype ( http://www.skype.com )
      > -OpenRPG ( http://www.openrpg.com )
      > -Webcam optional
      > I can offer a certain amount of techical support for program setup via
      > IRC, Skype or some instant messenger program (ICQ, AIM, MSN). I can
      > compromise over the text communcation method used and about the voice
      > chat.
      > You can contact me by writing a private message or contacting a
      > nickname Chuma on IRCNet or MagicStar. You may also write to this
      > thread but getting a reply that way might take longer.
      > No tourist players, please.
      > -A.K.
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