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4587Cash Prize Module Contest

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  • Jennifer
    Oct 2, 2006
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      Because who doesn't like cash prizes?

      Insomnium Games has opened up a free chat for Abeo players on our
      website. Goodies will be given away for use on the chat or in your own
      home games as we get everything set up. Chat discussion can be found
      on our forum at http://insomniumgames.com/forum

      We're trying out our first contest, as well, and will be giving away
      $75 to the winner. Plus, the first 50 takers receive a free copy of
      the Abeo ebook to get them started. To find out more head to
      http://insomniumgames.com and check out the contest rules.

      Any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints can be tossed out
      to jennifer @ insomniumgames.com

      Jennifer Reynolds
      Insomnium Games