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42OT: Wahoo

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  • Nathan E Banks Paganini
    Jul 2, 2002
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      Tuesday, July 02, 2002, 8:24:26 AM, Mike wrote:

      MH> You know, there is a way to link the accounts together and just
      use one. I
      MH> forget how since it's been so long since I figured it out, but if
      you play
      MH> around with your settings long enough you can get it to work.

      Actually, Yhee groups seems to have finally got its act

      For the longest time, though, it refused to verify my home email
      address. So, Yahoo being the deplorable control freaks that they
      are, they decided not to send any email to it.

      The *would* send email to it if I manually joined a group by
      sending an email to the list-subscribe email address. However,
      manually joining a group does *not* give you a Yahoo profile,
      and doesn't affect any that you already might have.

      Bottom line: I couldn't join groups with my Yahoo profile,
      because my email was unverified. I could join Yahoo groups
      manually, but doing so precluded access to the group web
      services (like Files, Polls, etc.). So I started looking around
      for alternate free POP email. Happened that Yahoo was offering
      it. So I got a Yahoomail account. Worked great for about a
      month... until Yahoo decided to start charging for POP mail.

      So, anyway, back to your regularly scheduled lack of discussion.


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