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41Re: [indie-netgaming] Re: Tonight

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  • Mike Holmes
    Jul 2, 2002
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      You know, there is a way to link the accounts together and just use one. I
      forget how since it's been so long since I figured it out, but if you play
      around with your settings long enough you can get it to work.


      >From: Nathan E Banks Paganini <paganini@...>

      >tG> "The insane solution has been made manifest. I will join
      >tG> both groups TWICE! First by hand with my regular email, so I
      >tG> can get messages, then with my Yahoo ID so I can access
      >tG> archives. Whee, I just love the crazy hedonism of the life
      >tG> that is Yahoo." -- Nathan

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