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4095Re: [indie-netgaming] Re: Wednesday Night Torchbearer Playtest

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  • Roy Penrod
    Oct 4, 2005
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      --- aaaaaaa zzzzzzz <hereticalfaction@...>

      > Sorry, Tuesdays are a complete no-go for me... If
      > this is the best time for all, though, feel free to
      > make the torch without me...

      We haven't heard from anyone else in the group, so I
      guess we're going to have to make the last Torch on
      Wednesday before we can start actual play.

      > To balance what we have
      > so far, you may wish to make it a HAPPY torch. You
      > know, something hopeful, sice we have so much
      > struggle and forelornness....

      I'm down with that, Marcus. Bring some ideas
      Wednesday ... I can't think of any for a happy Torch.
      Yes, I'm just broken like that. :-)


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