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4094Re: [indie-netgaming] Re: Wednesday Night Torchbearer Playtest

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  • aaaaaaa zzzzzzz
    Oct 2, 2005
      Sorry, Tuesdays are a complete no-go for me... If this is the best time for all, though, feel free to make the torch without me... To balance what we have so far, you may wish to make it a HAPPY torch. You know, something hopeful, sice we have so much struggle and forelornness....

      Roy Penrod <roypenrod123@...> wrote:
      --- aaaaaaa zzzzzzz <hereticalfaction@...>

      > I shall be in chat by 4-4:30.

      Sorry, Marcus.  I didn't get your message until just

      Can everyone make it Tuesday at 6:00 pm central time
      to finish up our last Torch?  Please confirm on the

      Roy Penrod

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