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386Re: I am Evil I'm a Man CORRECTION

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  • Chris Edwards
    Nov 2, 2002
      > Because the current rules for Ygg are not usable for
      > actual play. Bob made up a goblin incidentally so
      > things are getting started. However, expect that
      > I'll be adding ad hoc rules sampled from Ygg as we
      > go along and find ourselves in need of them.
      > BUT for the sake of starting up easily and with
      > little bagage I begin with THE EVIL which is
      > certified to work EF style. I NEED to play Ygg
      > "Effect First" or I'm convinced it will come out
      > pretty flat.

      What I don't understand I suppose is how you can divorce Ygg of its
      mechanics and still be playing Ygg. You would be using the setting
      but not playing the game of Ygg, in my opinion.

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