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    Mar 1, 2005
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      This is the bi-weekly Indie-Netgaming newsletter, sent once every two weeks, as well as to all new members upon their arrival to the group. The most updated Group Conventions can always be found in this newsletter. Also, there is a general News/Announcement list that is userbase-driven. If you are a member of this group and have something you want everyone to know, you may have it added to this list.

      To make an entry, write it up as you wish it to appear in the letter and email it to lxndr@... . Once added, your entry will remain until you request its removal, or the moderator decides that it is outdated. Newer entries are added to the top of the list. Items that are new since the last update are preceded with the symbol [*] - other items will be listed with the date they were first entered.

      The most recent copy of this newsletter can also be found at our group's Wiki, here:


      Feel free to edit the newsletter on the wiki, but be aware that items won't be added to this mailing until you email me.


      Group Conventions
      Last Updated 10/1/2003

      The Indie-Netgaming group primarily functions as a connection forum to facilitate the actual play of independently produced role-playing games via electronic venues. The definition of "indie" is purposefully left somewhat vague. If you have a question about whether a specific game is appropriate for the group, don't hesitate to ask. In general, any "non-mainstream" game is fine. This includes any and all creator-owned games - such as those found on the Forge (http://www.indie-rpgs.com) - but it also includes games like Tunnels & Trolls, Nobilis, and even many small-press D20 products.

      While not officially affiliated with the Forge, the two groups are loosely linked, given that many of the games played through Indie- Netgaming are owned and designed by Forge members, and that this group was originally conceived in a Forge discussion forum.

      IRC is probably the most common of Indie Net-gaming's actual play venues. There are three IRC rooms associated with the Indie Net- gaming group. All three are on the MagicStar IRC network. Please connect using the server "linuxguy.magicstar.net" - having everyone connected to the same server avoids netsplit problems.

      The three channels are #indierpgs (general group socialization), #indie_ooc (actual play OOC discussion room), and #indie_nar (actual play narration room). Please don't pester the chatters with solicitations for a particular game. Pickup games are fine, as long as they don't interfere with a previously planned game.

      Other venues that Indie-netgaming supports include other real-time-chat games (through GRIP, WebRPG, OpenRPG, or other programs), play-by-post games (such as those found at www.rpol.net or www.playbyweb.com) and play-by-email games (many of which are advertised at www.pbem.com).

      There is no standard policy when it comes to starting up a game. Organizing actual play is a matter of a group member first deciding he wants to play something in particular, then generating sufficient interest that he's able to hook in enough other group members to play.

      When referring to a game that you are running, recruiting for, or working on, please include a link to either the documentation for the game or a description of it. This will help curb excessive posts of the nature "Sounds interesting, what's that"?


      News and Announcements:

      [*]We could use more newsletter items! Please add them![Lxndr]

      [*]Prime Time Adventures. Starts Tuesday, January 4 in the magicstar IRC, 8pm to 11pm Eastern time, Weekly, Players must show up for first session, lurkers welcome! [Vaxalon - IRC]

      [10/29/04]Universalis Arena 3 - wiki-based game of Universalis, focusing on
      world creation & development -
      http://wiki.trmfineart.com/bin/view/Unigame/WebHome [David Seaward, PBW]

      [10/26/2004]Hero Quest IRC - GM Mike Holmes - Meets Thursday Nights at 8PM CST in #indierpgs - Lurkers welcome. [Mike Holmes - IRC]

      [01/11/2004]Feel free to lurk in Sorcerer: Razing Arizona at http://rpol.net/rpol/game.cgi?gi=1418 [Lxndr - PBP]
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