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3483RE: [indie-netgaming] HQ Thursday?

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  • Loki
    Dec 2, 2004
      > To set Elkaru up, the action of the game is set way up at he source of the
      > river that Sherezak sits upon. It's a camp of Kaitaini who employ the local
      > Rhiani togo flower hunting. Why is Elkaru heading up the river?

      Is there a good Shadow World resource online you can point me to? I
      remember a bit about my own culture, but I don't remember anything about
      the Kaitaini, which might help me to figure out a reason to be there.

      I mean, I can go with the "looking for women" standard excuse, but I'm not
      sure if that works here...

      *digs around on the Wiki*

      Actually, given the Kaitaini are Lann and Shay, assuming there's any women
      in the camp at all, Elkaru might be interested in the women indeed,
      perhaps even doing some recruiting for the Inis cult.

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