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  • Loki
    Dec 1, 2004
      What's going on, game-wise, on Friday and Saturday? The newsletter isn't
      much help...

      I'm considering doing a one-shot of this:

      The game focuses on play heroes that are avatars of a given culture.
      Here's the blurb from the RTF for those who don't want to download it at
      the moment:

      For years, periodically, the Lich-Lord has been sending waves and waves of
      undead into civilized lands. Every century or so, he is beat back, only to
      come back with a new army of undead in the next century. So it has been
      for time immemorial.

      However, despite the setbacks that this situation has caused, civilization
      has become more and more sophisticated over time, and several great
      civilizations have clawed their way into the light. And this time, they're
      taking the fight back to the Lich-Lord.

      Normally, the thick ever-shifting glaciers surrounding the Isle of the
      Lich-Lord have prevented ships from getting close enough to do anything to
      the Lich-Lord. His own armies just walk on the ocean floor. But recent
      innovations in fire-magick have made the invasion possible.

      The combined might of several civilizations is involved in this assault --
      mass armies, all coordinating.

      You, a great hero, have been chosen by your culture to be part of a
      special strike team. It is your job, along with other heroes chosen by
      their respective cultures, to find and destroy the Lich-King himself.

      This has been made complicated by an unusual discovery: The Isle of the
      Lich-King has a living population. These people love their undead king,
      and gladly give their dead up to him, in return for the protections of his
      magick. Through the Lich-King's necromancy and other magicks, the
      "Children of the North" (as they call themselves) have a utopian society,
      with very little conflict and a high quality of living, dedicated mostly
      to producing brilliant works of art.

      The Children of the North generally disapprove of the Lich-King's periodic
      invasions in principle, but given everything the Lich-King has given them,
      they feel they cannot argue with his one "eccentricity". They admit to
      being surprised that there is anyone living south of them at all...

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